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If you'd like to meet or adopt one of our furry friends, please call Debbie at (870) 510-3375, Kelly at (870) 224-2486, or Leslie at (870) 820-5614 to make arrangements. 

Who We Are

Founder and director Leslie Stephens has been working in animal rescue since 2008 and is also President of the Humane Society of Bradley County, which she works with on a daily basis to help the homeless and abandoned animals in Bradley, Cleveland, and Drew Counties in Southeast Arkansas.

We do our best to take in animals as we have space, and we also help other people in our community by advertising and promoting stray animals that they may have taken under their care.  We provide de-wormer medicines and vaccines for parvo and other diseases to people who open their homes to abandoned animals, especially litters of puppies, who otherwise would've died.  We do this in appreciation that the person cared enough to help a helpless creature of God.

Our veterinarians are Dr. Rocky Lindsey at Warren Animal Clinic, Dr. Mullins at 4West Animal Clinic, and Dr. Judy Porrier at Monticello Animal Clinic, and we also use the Arkansans For Animals spay & neuter clinic in Little Rock.

We arrange and assist in transport to other states and have had animals transported all over the United States utilizing Pilots n Paws, PETS (Peterson Express Transport Services), Just Us Beagles, among other transport services.

Leslie also works to rescue animals in abuse and neglect cases, and she works to educate the public on issues such as spay/neuter and basic needs of animals (shelter, nutrition, general care) and breed-specific descrimination.  It is our sincere hope that people all over the country will realize the EXTREME IMPORTANCE of spaying and neutering pets and the impact of not doing so has on our country.

Come Visit Us

Angels 4 Paws is located in Warren, Arkansas, and most of our animals reside in foster homes.  We'd be pleased if you choose to come visit any of our furry friends!  We will also be happy to assist you in visiting the shelter where we also promote adoptable dogs.

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