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Welcome to Liz E.'s Pekingese Rescue and Sanctuary! We love our Pekingese! We are interested in finding great homes for our adoptable dogs. Sometimes they need a little extra love, care and patience, but they always make great pets! If you are interested in our dogs, please email us for an application. Our usual adoption donation fee is $100-$200. Check back often!

Adopting A Friend

If you would like to adopt one of our dogs, please fill out an adoption application. You can email us at Lizethedog@yahoo.com and we'll send it to you within 48 hours. Please place the dog's name that you are inquiring about in the subject line. We want to ensure that our Peke's go to great homes. A Pekingese will live, on average, about 12-14 years. So please be prepared for a decade or more of lasting love! We don't want to make the process hard for you, we want you to adopt!  We do ask for vet references, friend references and sometimes a fenced yard and/or a home visit. Our adoption fees are used strictly for the care of our adoptable dogs. The fee is non-refundable. There is no better breed than rescue!

Who We Are

We are a Pekingese rescue and sanctuary. Did you know black dogs and senior dogs are the hardest to adopt? Did you also know an adult dog or a senior dog won't chew up your favorite shoes? They typically won't whine and cry all night (because they are tired and need their sleep!) and they are usually easily or already potty trained! Just remember to take them outside often enough. We specialize in those who are the hardest to adopt due to their color, age and/or their special needs.

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