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  We have loving, family-oriented dogs who would make the perfect addition to your family! Please take a few moments to check them out on this site and then call us to schedule a visit. We use Operation Save in Little Rock to have our dogs spayed/neutered, so if you adopt a dog from us who is not neutered, we will ask that you schedule him for a neuter through Operation Save and we will pay for that cost. All our female dogs are already spayed. Also, to make it easy and stress-free for people to adopt, if the adoption doesn't work out, we always take the kid back. Call us to ask about our policies and benefits to adopters. Thanks!


Adopting A Friend

It's easy! There is no adoption fee, but we require you to agree to an adoption contract for the safety of the dog. The main thing in the contract is that if the adoption doesn't work out, the dog is returned to us. The other main point is that you provide a loving, safe, family environment for the dog. Some dogs need fenced yards, some do not. Some dogs need to be inside dogs, some do not. Some dogs have special needs, some do not. We will discuss those matters and help you choose the right dog for your family based on your living environment, financial situation, and special needs along with your available time to spend with the dog. We're all about finding you the right match.

Who We Are

We are a home-based rescue in operation since 2000. Over the years, we have rescued and adopted out hundreds of dogs (and cats) to loving homes. We have always done this out of our own pockets with no help from the county or city. So you can see why we need to get our rescued kids loving homes!

We cannot take owner surrenders, nor stray dogs you have found. But, we will make every effort to help you place the dog or adopt the dog out. As a courtesy, we can post your dog on our Petfinder page and try to find him/her a new home and make flyers for your dog.

Come Visit Us

Call 870-942-4571 to schedule an appointment and get directions to us.

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