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Welcome to South Arkansas Pet Adoptions According to some estimates, as many as 40,000 animals are euthanized in Arkansas every year because of overpopulation and lack of adequate adopters. Additionally, thousands more live on the streets trying to survive, while others end up in pounds, rescues, or shelters that provide only the basics of life. South Arkansas Pet Adoptions was founded to address these issues. Our focus is to improve the quality of life for animals in Arkansas. Improving the lives of pets takes a comprehensive approach. First, we spay/neuter all of the animals we rescue and participate in programs to aid the public in doing the same. This is the only way we can ever get the population under control. Second, we provide comprehensive health care for the animals in our care which includes; all vaccinations including rabies, internal and external parasite control, heart worm testing and treating (if necessary) and treating any other health issues that arise. Third, we address the living environment provided for animals waiting to be adopted. It is important for the psychological health of our four legged friends. All of the animals we care for have access to a climate controlled environment, are fed twice a day, receive daily exercise and lots of one on one attention so they are happy and healthy. Currently all of our animals are in foster care. This is a great program that assures the pets are happy, healthy, and ready for adoption. We are in the process of adding a rescue facility so that we will be able to help more animals. This new facility, along with all procedures will meet our high standards assuring the health and well being of all of our guests. Whether you have an animal that needs a new home, are looking for a new pet, would like to volunteer, or make a donation to help these animals have a better life, please take a look at our website for the answers to your questions. And remember, we are always available via email or telephone so please let us know what we can do to better serve the pets and the public that makes it all possible. Although we are growing and have plans to expand, we currently do not have a rescue facility. We are currently a foster home based network.

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South Arkansas Pet Adoptions

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