The North Arkansas Central SPCA

The Staff of the North Arkansas Central SPCA
Top Row: Mike Cockrum, Josh Cunha (Shelter Managers)
Bottom Row: Jenny Nelson (Exec Director) Beth Levine (Training Director) Charlie Campbell (Founder/President)

Our Adoptable Pet List

Our Featured Service

The NAC SPCA is proud of its Service Pets for Vets program. This program matches a disabled veteran with a needed Service Dog at little or no cost to the vet. Disabled veterans are matched with a dog that has been brought to the shelter either as a stray or otherwise unwanted pet and been trained by our own Service Dog trainer, Beth Levine, seen above with her own Service Dog , Chaka (Doberman). By training the dog to work with the new owner at the same time as training the vet to work with his/her new dog, we accomplish not only a great savings in time needed to train, but also in cost. This same program also works with other disabled and handicapped people in our area who truly need but cannot afford the added abilities a well trained dog can provide them.


Our current list of yearly events include a Dog Show for Mutts in April, a Bike Rally in August, and a multi shelter adoption event in October. Check our website at for a list of each month's upcoming events.

Who We Are

The North Arkansas Central SPCA is a Next Generation animal shelter located in North Central Arkansas. Not satisfied with being just another animal warehouse caring for dogs and cats until they can find new forever homes, the NAC SPCA staff began to notice the difficulties many pet owners in our area have being able to provide for their four legged family members. We did not agree that they should just give these beloved pets up to a shelter because of temporary or even long term financial situations. We began working with local businesses to develop programs to assist these good folks to keep their pets in the home where they were already loved and cared for. Thus, our Companion Animals Program and our Emergency Pet Services Program. With our award winning disaster relief work for pets with FEMA, ADEM, and the Arkansas National Guard, and then the addition of our Service Dog program, the NAC SPCA has opened the door for animal shelters in Arkansas to do more than just warehouse animals. We believe that People are a Pets problem, and Pets are a People problem - In order to work towards fixing the problem, we must work all sides.

Come Visit Us!

The NAC SPCA is located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas. To get to the shelter complex, take hwy 62/65 from either Harrison or Mt. Home towards Yellville. Turn South on Hwy 101 just outside of Flippin and go approximately 10 miles. We'll be on the right.
North Arkansas Central SPCA
51 Carmelkat Lane

Flippin, AR 72634
Phone: 870-453-7249
Tues - Thurs 10am - 5pm

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