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PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO CONSIDER THE "LESS ADOPTABLE CATS AND KITTENS, like black cats, blind, deaf, FIV positive, amputees or crippled cats. They have a great amount of love to give, too, and are especially grateful to get a loving forever home!!!

Sabrina is ready for her new forever home! Please check her out. She is waiting for her chance to give her love to a forever home! She is playful, under 4 years old and very, very loving. She is a lap-sitter and and would love her own lap to sit in, instead of sharing with the other rescue kitties! She loves to chase balls,especially if it has a bell in it, play with string, and carries a toy mouse around, meowing while she's doing it. I assume she's saying, "Look at me! I have a mouse!". She hopes to see you soon!!!

PLEASE NEUTER OR SPAY YOUR PET! PLEASE BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER. Contact me at 870-217-0005 or email me at I charge $35.00 for the adoption of the cats and kittens. Please complete the qualification form at the bottom of the page and email it to me. Thank you for contacting me!!!


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Hi, I am Sharrie. I have a small rescue for cats. I charge $35.00 for the adoption of the cats and kittens, donations are also accepted to help me defray the cost of spaying, neutering, vaccinating and medicating the sick ones. I hope to find them good homes where they will be spayed, neutered (if not already) and loved for the rest of their lives, hopefully, for the next 10-18 years of their lives!!! When possible, I get them spayed or neutered. Many of my kitties are very ill when they come to me. I find the kitties on the streets, from people who don't want them anymore or can't keep them for various reasons, and orphaned kittens from people who find them, but can't keep them. I try to help people who have become overridden with too many cats. I help get them spayed and neutered, get them well if they are sick and find them homes. Thank you for your interest in CATS FOR FOREVER HOMES! I appreciate you!

Adopting a friend



Sharrie Grant Newport, AR 72112



Date_____________________ Cat and or Kitten name__________________________________

We understand there is an adoption fee of $35.00 that would help to carry on the vaccinating, neutering, spaying and medicating of the rescued cats. To the best of Cats for Forever Homes knowledge, this animal is healthy. Please take your new pet to your veterinarian for a checkup and any vaccinations it may need. You will be responsible for getting the leukemia vaccination. Please follow your veterinarianís vaccination program.


Print Name:___________________________________________________________ Address______________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip__________________________________________________________ Phone (home)(include are code)______________________________ (cell)______________________________________ Email address _____________________________________________________________________ Children? If yes, ages _____________________________________________________________________ Other pets? Kind and Ages? _____________________________________________________________________ Please underline: Do you live in an: Apartment---- House---- Mobile Home---- Rent---- Own---- Other

Landlord's name (if any)_________________________________________ Phone Number:_______________________________ Is there a deposit fee for pets? Yes_____________ No______________ How much?_____________________________Has the deposit been made?_________________________

I AGREE TO HAVE THIS ANIMAL SPAYED/NEUTERED AND VACCINATED WITHIN ONE MONTH (30 DAYS) OF THE DATE SHOWN ABOVE. NOTE: KITTENS WILL BE ALLOWED TWO (2) MONTHS FROM THE DATE SHOWN ABOVE. There are too many homeless animals, please donít add any more. Itís cheaper to spay or neuter than it is to raise and find homes for your pets babies.

I verify that the above is correct. We will take our responsibility seriously towards the pet we have adopted and will care for it to the best of our ability.


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Cats for Forever Homes

Newport, AR 72112
Phone: 870-217-0005

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