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PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO CONSIDER THE "LESS ADOPTABLE dogs and puppies, like black dogs, blind, deaf, heartworm positive, amputees or crippled dogs. They have a great amount of love to give, too, and are especially grateful to get a loving forever home!!

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Hi, I'm Toby! I am about 5 years old, and I would love to go home with you. I am leash trained and would be easy to finish obedience training. I love attention and being petted. Please don't let me live my life out in the shelter. Please consider me as your new best friend! Come check me out on the pet list!

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Who We Are

The purpose of this society is the prevention of cruelty to animals, the relief of suffering among animals, and the extension of humane education. It is the policy of the society: To provide humane care and treatment for all animals in the care of the society; To seek to return lost animals to their owners; To provide euthanasia when necessary. No animal under control of the society may be disposed of except as specifically provided under guidelines set by the Humane Society of the United States. We are committed to reducing the animal overpopulation through spay/neutering opportunities, assisting law enforcement with potential abuse or neglect cases and to operate a no-kill shelter for Jackson County.

Adopting a friend

Please contact the society for adoption fees . We reserve the right to refuse adoption priviledges to anyone.

Our dogs are guaranteed to "fit" with your family, or they are happily accepted back by our shelter.

Because we are all volunteers, there are no employees at the shelter. Visits to the shelter are made by appointment--- Call 870-217-5878. A volunteer will take or return your call as soon as possible. You can also inquire about a particular dog through the contact person provided with the dog's description.

Please copy and paste the following Application to Adopt Form into an email to jacksoncountyhumnesociety.arkansas@hotmail.com


We reserve the right to refuse any adoption. All donations and/or membership fees are fully tax deductible.

Application to adopt from Jackson County Humane Society, Newport, Arkansas


Home phone:____________________ Cell phone:________________________

Street address:______________________________________________________

City:_______________________State:_____________ Zip:____________________

Employment:____________________ Employer: ___________________________

Email address: ______________________________

Name of animal:_________________________ Breed:________________________

Interested in a dog this age:____________Oldest Dog willing to adopt:___________

Own or Rent:_______________

Landlord Name:____________________________Phone Number_______________

How many years have you been at your present address? ______________________

Are you planning on moving within the next six months?______________________

If you were forced to move, what would you do with your pet? _________________

Who will care for your pet while you are away on vacations? ___________________

How many hours a day will the animal be alone? _____________________________

Where will the dog sleep?________________________________________________

Discipline Method:_____________________________________________________

How many people live in your household? ____ Adults ____ Ages ______________

Children: ______Children's ages: _____________________________

Personal Reference: Name:___________________________ #__________________

Who will be primarily responsible for the care of this pet? ______________________

Why do you want this type of pet? ________________________________________

For whom are you adopting this pet? _________________________________________

Where will this animal spend most of its time (inside/outside, crated, etc.)? _____________________________________________________________________

Will the animal be allowed outside? ________________________________________

When outside, how will the animal be confined? ______________________________

If you have a fenced yard, how tall and what kind?_____________________________

Are you able and willing to commit the time, effort and money necessary to properly care for and train this animal? _________________

Do you understand that animals can take a considerable period of time to adjust to a new home and new situations? ________________________

Are you willing to give this animal a MINIMUM of two months to adjust to your home?___________

How often do you feel an animal should go to the veterinarian? ____________________

Please list the animals you have owned in the last five years:

Breed: Name: Age: Sex: Altered? Kept where? Still with you?





Please list the name and number of your veterinarian: ________________________________________________________________

Have you ever given up a pet, or had one put to sleep?____________________

What will you do if your present pet does not get along with your new pet? _______________________________________________________

Are you aware of, and able to meet, the financial responsibility of pet ownership? (Dogs - $500 to $1200 per year) _____________________________________

I certify that the information I have supplied above is true and that any false statements may result in nullifying this application. I further understand that this application is the property of Jackson County Humane Society (JCHS) and will be retained by them. I also agree to contact a representative of JCHS immediately for permission to return any animal I may adopt from this Shelter should I need to relinquish ownership of this animal at any time.

Signed ________________________________________________________

Come Visit Us!

We are located in Newport, AR.
Jackson County Humane Society
P.O. Box 154

Newport, AR 72112
Phone: 870-217-5878

Email: jacksoncountyhumanesociety.arkansas@hotmail.com
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