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I have been rescuing pets from being abandoned, tossed out like garbage, or from people who could no longer adequately care for them. Equally important I have saved countless healthy adoptable pets from a certain death at kill facilities in the region for more than 25 years. I will continue these efforts until the day I can no longer physically do this very special and dear to my heart work.

My daughters Deborah J. Duran and Carla J. Colby are my partners in this effort. Deborah designed and maintains our Perry's Orphans Sanctuary at website for my organization and assists me with the sanctuary management responsibilities. She monitors and maintains this PetFinder site which we have pets listed on and she will carry on my work once I physically cannot.

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Our Featured Pet


Mary was rescued from a high kill shelter with her seven newborn puppies. They were scheduled for death the day we went to see them. Mary's puppies were so tiny, just days old really and didn't even have their eyes open. She was such a gentle and loving mother, very attentive to her babies, making the best of a desperate situation. Could you say No to that face or those big sad eyes?

We couldn't turn them away. Leaving them behind meant they would all die in a matter of hours. So despite not having any room at all we took them with us that same day and brought them to the safety of our sanctuary. Here Mary could relax in her own private kennel and tend to her pups, with a little help from us of course.

When her pups were old enough, all were posted for adoption and were quickly snatched up by their new families. You can see all seven of them in our Happy Tails section. Jackson, Cyrus, Duke, Marta, Turner, Maggie and Baxter. All have grown into wonderful loving, happy, and well adjusted young dogs, a true testament to the love Mary taught them in her few months as their mother.

Mary had her problems adjusting to life at the sanctuary and being just one of many, many dogs in the 'pack' here. She has learned to share her food and the toys. And can be found most days stretched out in the grass napping, or on the couch chewing a favorite rope toy. She's a solid 74 pounds and will walk really well on a leash. She is very obedient, will give paw when she wants to be petted or snuggled, and will be a fine singular dog in the home.

If you have room in your heart and home to give Mary the loving attention she deserves, please contact Perry’s Orphans.

Our Mission

    To be an advocate for companion animals

    To provide comfort, veterinary exams and necessary medications, spay & neuter services to those animals who are awaiting placement into good homes


    Adopting A Friend

      If you need more information on one of our dogs or cats please call or email. We will be happy to tell you all about them.

      Call or email us for an adoption application.

      We ask for a donation to cover the spay or neuter of the dog you are adopting

      Fenced in yard is preferred for anyone adopting a dog and required if adopting a puppy.

      Veterinarian reference

      All current dogs and cats in the household must be spayed/neutered prior to adopting from Perry's Orphans Sanctuary.

      Home check

      If renting, a copy of the Landlord/Lease Agreement stating that pets are allowed, what type of pets, size of pets are allowed and how many pets allowed. If a pet deposit is required, proof that the deposit has been paid is also required.

    Donations needed

Cat/Kitten Food
Clay Litter
Dog Houses
Dog/Puppy Food
Food/Water Bowls
Paper Towels

Come Visit Us

If you are interested in seeing any of our animals please call or email and we will make arrangements for you to meet your "FUTURE" forever pet. If you have kids or another dog in the house bring them along so they can get to know each other too. We will do what ever we can to assist you in finding your new companion.

1031 CR 144
Phone: 870 431 8354


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