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All about us!!!! Paws Inn No-Kill Animal Shelter Organized 1/27/05 This will be a state of the art facility. We will be caring for animals till they are adopted out or passed away. We are a part of the growing movement among humane societies to STOP euthanizing and promote adoptions, with all animals being spayed and neutered before adoptions. We will provide more living space for animals. We are a privately run, non-profit humane society, serving all of White County Ark. We are not a city or county run organization and will not be responsible for animal control. This means we are not limited on where we receive animals from. This also means, when we are full we cannot take any more in until there is space through adoptions. We hope to house about 60 dogs and 30 cats. Donations and grants will fund us and being remembered in someone’s will, and lots of hard work with fundraisers. Additionally, we will strive to educate all of White County regarding the proper care and treatment of animals. We would like to address any class room on many topics such as: taking care of your pet, approaching strange dogs, the right pet for you, adopting a pedigree or mutt, keeping your dog happy, adopting a pet for their lifetime, the puppy grows up to be a dog, dogs and cats have feelings too, or spay/neutering the only way. We will actively work to raise money to assist White County in spaying and neutering their animals, as this is the ONLY answer to the over population of animals. All of our future pets will be spayed / neutered and heart worm checked before each adoption. We hope to have a pet cemetery and a separate building for boarding. This will aid in keeping the shelter going. We are already incorporated and have our by-laws in order. We have received our 501(c )(3) which is our non-profit status. We do give receipts for tax purposes. This is a very exciting group who thinks that animals should have a chance at a good life and be cared for until then. We have come along way in these recent months. If you can help in any way please send your donation to Paws Inn, P.O.B. 501, Searcy AR., 72145. One hundred percent of all money now and later will always go to paying for the 7.5 acres of land bought 12/4/06 and building a shelter and the care of the animals ~ we have now paid off the land mortgage and are moving forward to get funding for the actual building. We need money and volunteers to work our fundraisers, and anyone is welcome to come to our meetings which are on the 3rd Thursday of each month at the First Commuity Bank community room, 2307 West Beebe-Capps Exwy, Searcy AR, at 7:00 P.M. We have a large group of Board members and volunteers; we are still growing. There are many hours of experience in running a shelter in this group. We are collecting Purina weight circles from dry cat and dog food bags for future buying of food, also Sexton Foods receipts which are a money fundraiser; please send to our P.O.B. 501, Searcy AR., 72145 or bring to the Flea Market (see below.) Also, aluminum cans can be brought to 2909 Hawkins Drive in Searcy. The above are simple items, but very important to us; help if you can. We have a Mini Flea Market at 2909 Hawkins Drive every Friday from 12:30-4:30 P.M. and every Saturday from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. ~ Be sure and look at our floor plan for the new shelter building on the wall in the Flea Market! 2011 Officers: President – Ruth Lacy Vice President – Karen Cherry Secretary – Oscar Davidson Treasurer – Tom Slough

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Paws Inn No-Kill Animal Shelter
121 Shawn Terrace

Searcy, AR 72143
Phone: 5012303342

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