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 Thank you for choosing to adopt a pet in need!  Our main priority is to match the right dog to the right home in order to safeguard against the future re-homing of our foster dogs. Our hope is that our adoption process helps ensure a lifetime of love and compatibility for both the pet and the adopter. We hope that the process doesn't seem too time consuming or unnecessarily complicated, but please understand that we have our dogs’ best interests at heart.

Our organization is run completely by unpaid volunteers who dedicate their free time to help homeless strays. We thank you for your time and patience throughout our adoption process.

Fill out Application: The first step is to fill out an application. This application will tell us about your lifestyle, training beliefs and prior experience with animals. Our adoption process is structured more as an open conversation than a series of yes-or-no, right-or-wrong questions.

Who We Are

Who are we?

The Humane Society of Faulkner County was established in 1992 as an all volunteer, 501c3 nonprofit animal advocacy/rescue organization.  We are funded exclusively by donations, fundraisers and grants.  Our mission is to advocate for animals through spay/neuter assistance programs, affordable monthly vaccination clinics and by helping homeless strays find permanent homes. Visit us at: Fixingfaulknercounty.com or on Facebook!

Did you know?

 Most people are surprised to learn that HSFC does not have an animal shelter.  In fact, our county government has no established animal control of any kind.  The only animal shelter available to citizens is operated by the city of Conway and exclusively for Conway residents.


What does HSFC do?

HSFC owns Companions Spay/Neuter clinic located on HWY 65 in Springhill.  The clinic building and equipment are leased to a veterinarian and his staff to operate.  HSFC’s primary purpose is to supply the staff with volunteers and additional funds to help offer low cost spay/neuter surgeries to the public.  HSFC also operates and owns Companions Thrift and Gift Shop at 2219 Washington Avenue in Conway.   In addition, we have a small network of foster homes.  These homes volunteer their time and are the caretakers to homeless animals until adoption. Close to 8,000 animals have been rescued and adopted, with an additional 10,000 sterilized for financially needy families in our community.


And there's more!

New England Dog Adoptions:  Almost every week we send our once homeless dogs by transport to homes in the New England states.   Transportation costs are paid by the New England adopters/owners.  Why, you ask?  Our area is extremely saturated with free dogs, strays and breeders, so local adoptions are few.   This program was implemented to rescue/adopt more county strays.   The New England states do not have animal overpopulation problems because of long established spay/neuter programs as well as animal control faculties. Therefore, there is a demand for adoptable dogs and we have the supply!


PetSmart Cat Adoption Program:  We work in conjunction with PetSmart to find homes for homeless kitties!  Located in PetSmart Conway facilities are glass fronted kitty condos for potential adopters to view available cats/kittens up for adoption. These kitties were once homeless, but find new homes after they are spay/neutered and fully vetted at Companions Spay/Neuter Clinic.  Want to help with cats? Contact: lyndsey_daniel@hotmail.com.


 Monthly Vaccination Clinics:  Once a  month HSFC supplies  all the volunteers to  hosts a vaccination clinic to offer low cost vaccinations, heartworm testing, worming and micro chipping.  Shots are just $10!  For  upcoming dates, "like"  Companions Spay/Neuter Clinic's  Facebook page or visit their website at companionsspayandneuter.com/.



 Donations: Donations have steadily declined over the last 3 years due to the economy. We need your gently used clothing and small household items to be sold at our thrift shop.  We need donations dollars for the needed extras too!  Send monetary donations to HSFC, P.O. Box 1055, Conway, AR. 72033. Our adoption fees help offset the our vet bills, but in many cases expensive heartworm treatment and orthopedic surgeries are also needed to prepare an animal for adoption.  These cost are on top of our standard practice of care which includes the spay/neuter of all program animals, their vaccinations, micro chipping and blood/fecal testing. 


Spay/Neuter Programs: Each year HSFC applies for grants which helps the financially needy to spay/neuter their pets.  Every year the demand is far greater than the means.  We have recently created a new memorial fund in memory of our long time volunteer, Sloan Swindle.  She lost her battle to cancer, but her passion for animals will live on through this fund.


Aluminum Can Recycling Program: We have two large bins at both our thrift shop and spay/neuter clinic.  All proceeds go for the care of  the animals.  Please donate your cans!


Donation Banks: Look for our point-of-sale banks located throughout the county and donate your spare change!


Volunteer Opportunities?

Thrift Shop:  We need thrift shop volunteers to cover more hours of operation. The more hours we can be open, the more money we can make for the animals!   Call (501) 932-4444 for more info.


Spay/Neuter Clinic: HSFC volunteers can help the clinic staff in a variety of ways! We supply the clinic with volunteers who are trained to recover the animals after surgery. Other volunteer opportunities are also available.  Call (501) 679-7900 for more info.


Fundraising: Chocoholics is our biggest fundraiser of the year yet over the past few years, volunteers, sponsors and funds have been low.  We need new fundraising ideas and volunteers to head up those efforts.  Even small projects like garage sales make a difference! Contact: fixingfaulknercounty@gmail.com.


Foster/Adoption Program: We need foster homes! Also needed are  people with solid computer skills to edit videos and photos, experience with Intuit website building, can navigate or learn Petfinder or Adopt A Pet programs, can answer emails or manage social networks.  If you have experience with positive dog training, computerized bookkeeping or just have good writing skills, we need you too!  Want to help?  Contact: rescuethestrays@yahoo.com.


Outlook for the Future?

 Since 2005, the Faulkner County Government has collected a voluntary tax for the construction of an animal shelter for county  residents. The amount currently funded is over 700,000.   It is estimated that the county will have enough money to build this shelter within 5 years.  What can be done in the meantime? HSFC has a small number of volunteer foster homes which take in some strays, but we have far too few to meet the demand. The stray animal  problem must be addressed by county officials.   To help combat the problem now, HSFC believes the best start is to provide free or reduced spay/neuter vouchers to county citizens.  HSFC  recently proposed to county officials that a small portion of the voluntary tax money be used for such vouchers for all county residents. This proposed program would invite all  local veterinarians to participate and redeem the vouchers.  By implementing a spay/neuter program now, we can drastically reduce the amount of strays in the future.  National statistics strongly suggests that stray animal overpopulation cannot be eradicated by euthanizing or adopting alone.  We must also implement spay/neuter programs to attack the problem at the very source.  What can you do?  First, please pay the Faulkner County's voluntary animal control tax.  Next, let our county officials know that you want to start reducing the stray population now and would like a free or reduced cost spay/neuter voucher program for Faulkner County residents!  

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Most people are surprised to learn that HSFC does not have a animal shelter.  In fact, even our county government does not have a shelter.  The only animal shelter available is operated by the city of Conway and exclusively for use by Conway residents.

HSFC has a small number of volunteer foster homes which take in some strays, but we have far too few to meet the demand.  These homes volunteer their time and are the caretakers to homeless animals until adoption.  This effort began  continues still today.

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