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Angel Paws Rescue is a small animal shelter located in Barling, Arkansas. Our purpose is to give loving refuge to dogs that have been misplaced, abandoned, abused, or otherwise turned over to our care. We are a non profit organization and all of our members are volunteers. We accept applications on our dogs and do a thorough review of each app checking personal and vet references, and doing home visits if possible. We do follow up checks on each placement to ensure that things are going well. Each dog is spay/neutered, heartworm tested, given dental work if necessary and brought up to date on all innoculations. The only charge is the vet fee which varies with each dog. We do require proof of innoculations and a current rabies tag for any other pet(s) in the family. We have been so blessed to find great homes for these little ones. In almost every case, we have a successful match. We feel like we know the folks well before they leave with their new family member. Please check our "available dog" list to see if we have a pet that might fit in your home. Angel Paws Rescue reserves the right to decline adoptions.

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