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Puppies and dogs are all up to date with appropriate vaccinations,  have been spayed or neutered and are microchipped.    The adoption fee is $250 for puppies (16 weeks and under) and $250 for all others, unless specifically marked (such as for senior dogs, etc.), and is due at time of adoption. 

For out of state adoptions, we use PETS transportation (www.petsllc.net). They are USDA approved for travel. All dogs will have appropriate travel health certificates, as stated on their requirement page.  Cost of Transportation is $150 plus adoption fee.

Please click on this link for an application:  http://wynnefoa.weebly.com/application-to-adopt.html.  This application is designed to help us assist you in finding the right dog for your family. We will respond to your email within 24 hours. Wynne Friends  will check veterinarian, landlord (if applicable), and/ or personal references provided. Also, a home visit, if needed  will be completed by one of our volunteers. 

If you are unable to adopt and would like to help out in other ways such as fostering a dog,  please contact us and let us know how you would like to change the life of rescue dog forever. Our email is wynnefoa@yahoo.com

Who We Are

Our organization, Wynne Friends of Animals, owns and operates, The Wynne Animal Rescue Shelter.  Our shelter is a true, in every sense of the word, no kill, rehabilitative sanctuary, located in the northeast corner of Arkansas, just across the Mississippi River, (approximately 45 minutes), west of Memphis, Tennessee.  We are a totally private shelter / sanctuary, and not owned or operated, by any city, county, or state agency.

We are funded by adoption fees, charitable contributions, fundraisers, grants, much appreciated charitable monies received from the City of Wynne, as well as funds generated by our on site veterinary clinic, built and opened in 2011, to care for our animals, as well as being open to the general public. We also own and operate the Wynne Animal Services Agency, and through contract, provide Animal Control to the City of Wynne.

We keep an average of 125-150 dogs in house at all times, are "ALWAYS" full, and "ALWAYS" have a waiting list of dogs for intake. Because of our reputation, we accept, and have dogs surrendered, from every town and major city in the region.  We have been in operation since March 2007, and as of this writing, September 2013,  we have now placed dogs in 47 states, Canada, and Germany.  We have been voted The Best Shelter In Arkansas every year since our inception in 2007, and in The Petfinder Shelter Challenge voting, have never placed out of the top 100 shelters in the nation, with over 16,000 shelters in the voting.  Our highest finish was 2009 when we finished 16th.  Producers from Animal Planet, and a film crew, have visited our shelter, and spent an entire day filming and conducting interviews, and when leaving, stated that our shelter was one of the cleanest, finest, best run shelters they have ever visited!

You can read more about our shelter and take a tour on our website - www.wynnefoa.com!

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