Second Hand Shepherds German Shepherd Rescue

Second Hand Shepherds is dedicated to saving German Shepherd Dogs that have become displaced K9's. We will gladly try our best to help retired K9's / police dogs/Military Working Dogs. GERMAN SHEPHERDS ARE NOT THE BREED OF CHOICE FOR EVERYONE and we are committed to finding the perfect home for our rescued dogs. Our dogs will only be placed in homes where they will have indoor access and be an integral part of a family. Our mission is to find loving, caring, permanent homes for our rescue dogs who so desperately deserve a second chance at happiness. Second hand shepherds make first class companions... "German Shepherds are not for everyone. To own one, you must be smarter than the dog." Our rescue dogs will not be placed as "Yard Dogs" so please don't apply for one if that is what you have in mind. Our dogs are HOUSE DOGS. PLEASE DO NOT ASK US TO TAKE YOUR PERSONAL PET WHEN IT BECOMES INCONVENIENT FOR YOU TO CARE FOR IT. YOUR PET/FAMILY MEMBER IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND SHOULD NOT BE DUMPED ON ANYONE ELSE. WHEN YOU GET A DOG, YOU SHOULD MAKE A LIFETIME COMMITMENT TO THE DOG THAT IT WILL REMAIN A FAMILY MEMBER AS LONG AS IT LIVES. If you can't do that DON'T get a dog! The only exception to this rule is for someone who may be suffering from a terminal illness and wants to make sure their dog has proper living arrangements made in time.

Our Adoptable Pet List

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Our featured pet: Chance

Rest in Peace my good friend, Chance....we enjoyed over 9 years together. We will meet again one day because good friends always do and heaven would not be heaven without you there.


We always need the following items and if you are willing to help, please contact us: Dog beds, dog toys, collars, leashes, dry dog food, canned dog food, Interceptor, K-9 Advantix, monetary donations.


This boy with a smile on his face is Bravo, a retired narcotics dog. Bravo served our country loyally by sniffing out narcotics for the US Customs Service. During his time working with Customs, Bravo was responsible for 35 seizures in the following amounts:

42 lbs. marijuana
188 lbs. of cocaine
95 grams of heroin
14,260 pills (ecstasy)
$3,426,739.00 in smuggled U.S. currency

Bravo Mr. Bravo!!!

After retiring from this job, Customs donated him to a jail, again to sniff out the narcotics hidden by the prisoners. After retiring from his second job, at the age of 9, he was adopted by his handler. A year later, the local pound received a call ...

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Who We Are

Second Hand Shepherds is located in Northeast Arkansas. All of our dogs are kept in private homes as we do not have a shelter. Contact us by email. Second Hand Shepherds, Osceola, AR 72370

Adopting a friend

Our adoption procedure requires a screening process which includes an application, vet references, home safety visit and more. A legally binding adoption contract must be signed. Long distance adoptions are possible as we have access to a very reliable and low cost transport group. We do not place our adult rescue dogs in families with children under 12 years of age. We reserve the right to decline an adoption based on the best interest of the dog.
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