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Our adoption center is located at 2726 Bynum Leatherwood Road in Anniston, Alabama, we invite you to visit us on week day from 9-5 and on Sat. from 9-3 and by appointment.

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Who We Are

The League for Animal Welfare (L.A.W.) is a nonprofit NO KILL organization dedicated to rescuing and placing unwanted and abused animals in loving FOREVER homes.

Our funding comes from donations, bake sales, yard sales, roadblocks and a variety of other activities and fundraisers.

Anyone is welcome to join us. The only criteria for membership (aside from paying membership dues) is a desire to rescue and place unwanted animals.

Adopting a friend

Our adoption procedure includes an application and interview. All applicants must meet the specific requirements determined by L.A.W.

The L.A.W. makes every attempt to screen its pets for illness. However, an illness, especially in a puppy or kitten, may not be apparent at the time of adoption, but become evident several days later. Once you have signed the adoption papers, your new pet is yours. If you are unhappy with your choice, you may return him/her to us. No refunds will be given.

All pets, if old enough, have been spayed or neutered. The adoption of a puppy or kitten is contingent upon his /her new "parents" having the procedure done as soon as the appropriate age is reached. Failure to do so will void the adoption agreement and the pet must be returned.

Our adoption fee for dogs is $100 and $125 for pure bred & specialty and cats is $75.00

The L.A.W. reserves the right to refuse an adoption.

Volunteers / Donations Needed

There are many ways to help us! Can you foster a dog or cat? Can you volunteer at our new shelter? Would you volunteer to help with road blocks, bake sales, yard sales, fundraising or other events? Or make a monetary donation. To donate, go to www.leaguepets.org

FOSTER HOMES are a great need! For every foster parent there is one more animal saved from a kill shelter, from being unwanted and sometimes from an abusive home. Please consider fostering! It can be rewarding and lots of fun.

We are always grateful to receive monetary donations, or donations of supplies (all sizes of plastic crates, premium dog food, towels, blankets, shampoo, toys and treats, etc.) All monetary donations contributed go directly to needs of our animals. L.A.W. is 501(3)c approved! All donations are tax deductible. Please go to www.leaguepets.org

Please go to www.leaguepets.org with any offers of assistance. Or mail monetary donations to the address listed below.

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League for Animal Welfare

PO Box 2510
Anniston, AL 36202

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For information on dogs or cat:
> 256-238-0380

For information on cats:

For membership information:
256- 238 -0380


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