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We currently taking applications for adoptions. We are slowly coming back into action.


Our Mission Here at N. Alabama Ferret Rescue, we strive to help the little critters that are the result of overpopulation because of local pet stores. If we could all seek to adopt from a shelter or rescue rather than buy our next little fuzzy from a pet store, we may not be so overpopulated and there wouldn't be so much of a need for so many shelters. As you may not realize, our personal shelters are overcrowed and are in desperate need of help from you! Many are full and are having to turn away surrenders! So before you go to the local pet store for your next bunny, ferret, guinea pig, etc...try looking at a shelter first. You will also find that most of the pets from a shelter are in much better health than one from a pet store because they have been doctor checked and vaccinated before adoptions. If you are not able to adopt and wish to help in other ways..donations are always welcomed -and not just in the form of money -food, supplies, medications, etc are always needed!! We also accept items that can be sold on ebay to help rasie money for veterinary costs. So help support your local shelters and reach out to the animals who really need your help!!!

Who We Are

This ferret, and small animal shelter is run strictly out of my own home and receives no federal or state funding. Sole funding comes from the adoption fee that is charged, various fund raisers and donations. That is why your support is needed. We are here to take in any animals that may be in need of help (provided we have the room available)., regardless of the reason you are surrendering the animal. If you have an animal that has been abused or is in need of medical attention and would like to remain annoymous no questions will be asked-not even a name., We can also arrange some where for animal to be dropped off. Please help us to help animals in need. Help us prevent them from being killed or euthanized!!

Adopting a friend

If intrested in adopting a ferret (or small animal) a pre- adoption application and adoption fee is required. Adoptions fees are according to the type of pet and age. We also require a pre-adoption application to be filled out and approved prior to the adoption and an adoption agreement to be signed at the time of adoption. All applications will be considered, however all may not be approved...we reserve the right to decline any application that may not take the well being of the ferret (or small animal) into consideration. So if you are interested in adopting your new family pet rather than supporting the overpopulation at the local pet stores..please feel free to contact us!!

Wish List

If you are interested in donating items to the shelter we are in need of: old towels, blankets, sweatshirts (anything that can be used for bedding). Carefresh bedding, rabbit food & treats, guniea pig food and treats, ferret ferret food and treats, chinchilla food, and of course Cat Litter!! Toys, dishes, water bottles and other supplies are also welcome as we have fund raiser yard sales to help raise money. Cages are welcome too!! Please call or email if have something you would like to donate.

Come Visit Us!

Visits are done by appointment only. Please call or email for an appoinment.
N. Alabama Ferret & Small Animal Rescue

Florence, AL 35633
Phone: (256) 767-0875

Email: chellodello@comcast.net
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