Marshall County AL Animal Control

Animals in Marshall County AL are not permitted to roam at large. Ala. Code Title 3-1-5.
The Code of Alabama 1975
Owners are responsible for keeping their pets out of harm's way and to keep them from being a nuisance or a harm to others.

To report a problem with a stray animal, please call Animal Control at (256) 582-4744 or (256) 960-0960. Text messages can be sent to (256)-960-0960.
If we are out on a call, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
All calls are recorded by the Marshall County computer system to avoid lost calls.

Marshall County AL Pet List

Stray animals in the custody of Marshall County AL Animal Control are held for 7 days to allow an owner to reclaim. Proof of ownership is required to claim an animal (photo, vet bill, etc.)

Marshall County funding only allows us to keep animals for 7 days. Unclaimed animals are humanely put to sleep.

Those wishing to adopt or rescue a stray animal should contact us within the 7 day period and let us know of your interest so that animal's life may be saved in the event it is not claimed by owner. Please be prepared to take custody of the animal as soon as the 7 day hold is over.

All healthy animals that are surrendered by owner are also held for 7 days, but may be adopted or rescued immediately.

Animals adopted from Marshall County AL Animal Control are required by state law to have a rabies shot (Ala. Code Title 3-7A-2)
and to be spayed or neutered (Ala. Code Title 3-9-2).
The Code of Alabama 1975

Marshall County AL Animal Control does not charge an adoption fee, but does require that animals have a current rabies shot and be spayed/neutered prior to release.
Prevailing veterinary fees apply for those services.
A waiver of liability is also required.

To inquire about an animal listed here please email us at, or call us at (256) 960-0960. Please do NOT call the vet to inquire about animals. You must contact us to arrange an appointment to meet the animal.

Many animals in Marshall County die from preventable diseases. Please vaccinate your cats and dogs. The following links provide information:

Info on Dog Vaccinations

Info on Cat Vaccinations

Marshall County strongly encourages pet owners to be responsible and to spay/neuter their pets to cut down on the unwanted animal population.

For those wishing to spay/neuter their pets, the following links are the low-cost options available to those living in Marshall County:

Marshall County Humane Society:

Low Cost Certificates for Everyone (with vets in Marshall County):

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