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My daughter brought home two new dogs yesterday.  She was driving a country road and came up on them just standing forlornly in the middle of the road.  We believe they are siblings,  or could be mother and son. 

They appear to be Boston Terrier/Doxie mix.  They will be added soon. 

Adopting A Friend

Sandy's Place strives to only adopt healthy and socialized dogs and cats.  All animals will be spay/neutered and UTD on shots. 

There will be an adoption form to fill out and a face to face interview. 

Who We Are

I am a one woman operation.  I live in a very rural area in North Alabama ,  on a country road.  The area is peaceful and beautiful,  but there is a problem with people,  "dropping,"  unwanted pets.

This is an age old problem.  People will simply drive out to a secluded spot and put the poor animal out and drive off.  They will be left to fend for themselves.  Sometimes they're dropped so far from homes, etc.,  they wind up slowly starving to death.

I am a 61 year old retired grandmother and I've loved animals all my life.  I got this love from my sweet wonderful mother. 

I simply cannot leave a poor animal that has been abandoned.  I live on 4 acres, therefore,  I have a lot of room.  At the moment I'm taking care of 22 dogs and approximately 17 cats.  Many of the cats are feral or semi feral.

My dogs range in size from very small to very large and 90% of them were rescued. 

I decided to start a rescue, so I could keep helping these poor abandoned dogs and cats.

I am very strict with my adopters.  I have an adoption form to fill out,  and there is an interview process.   The main thing I will always tell anyone taking one of my animals home is,  if this doesn't work out, please bring them back to me. 

All my animals will be spay/neutered and have at least a first round of shots before being adopted.  If I've listed an animal that hasn't been spay/neutered,  that is pending and will be taken care of.  No animal will ever leave my property without this. 

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