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We have foster homes in AL, and Northeast areas-  we are currently trying to add foster homes in the NE area-  Several private transport services are available to transport your new baby to your home-    Transport fee is paid by new home

Adopting A Friend

First step in our adoption process is to submit an online Adoption Application:  http://www.toybreedrescue.org/Application.html  - having an application in hand will give us a starting point on the adoption process-  we will know why type of dog you're looking for and we will be able to answer your questions regarding the dog you're interested in adopting.

OUR adoption process is not to discourage people from adopting-  WE have invested a lot of LOVE, sweat and TEARS in our rescue dogs-  our adoption process is to help ensure OUR dogs are going to a home that fits their needs- this will also ensure YOU that you will be happy with the dog you have adopted.  If we place a dog in a situation that will not be a good environment or match, WE set the adoption up to fail-  this is not our goal, we want to place our dogs in FOREVER HOMES!

Adoption Guidelines:  (not all inclusive)  

·         All current pets must be spayed/neutered

·         A fence yard is required for MOST adoptions, however this is not always a requirement. It depends on the dog’s needs. If you have children, of any age, a fence yard is 100% required

·         A vet reference is desired on all adoptions, to verify previous and current pet vet care history. 

·         Home visits are performed

·        Applicant must have stable work history, life and stable home history

·        We do not adopt tiny toy breeds to homes with small children, for the safety of the pet. (all applications will be considered)

A home visit is not done to see if your house is an expensive home or if your home is spotless or has expensive decor - actually if your home is too perfect we would be a little worried about adding a pet to the home....   we are not trying to determine if you are good enough to adopt.  Yes, we are one of the rescue groups that care where our dogs are rehomed.  And, yes we do make sure you have a SAFE and loving environment for the rescue dog that we have spent so much time, love and effort on saving from being killed.

Applications are approve by the SSTR Board, ALL adoptions will be approved on the NEEDS of the dog.  Our Process and Policies are NOT all inclusive.  

 SSTR reserves the right to deny an application and terminate the adoption process at any time.




Who We Are

Southern Shih Tzu and Toy Breed Rescue (SSTR) is a 501(c)3 charity organization.  We focus on SAVING dogs from KILL Shelters and Puppy Mills and place them in loving forever homes- We also provide sanctuary care for senior and special needs furbabies, allowing them to live out their life in a loving foster homes. 

SSTR takes in any toy breed regardless of age, health and/or temperament, when funding and foster room allows. Unfortunately, we are currently limited on funds and foster homes. Due to these limitations, we are forced to limit the number of babies we help.

All dogs are placed in foster care for evaluation and vet-work, which includes: spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm test, deworm and treatment of all other medical issues, based on vet recommendation (heartworm treatment, dental work, hip surgery, eye surgery, liver shunt surgery, etc...)

SSTR also participates in local animal welfare events, promoting the education of animal welfare, prevention of abuse/neglect, spay/neuter programs and encourage people to adopt shelter and rescue pets, reducing the number of animals killed in shelters.

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We do not have a public shelter-  Our dogs are located in several different Foster Homes in several states.  


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