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Alabama Animal Rescue is not a shelter. We are a organization that was created to give abandoned animals in Alabama a chance to have a family to love. All animals were either in a shelter or a local veterinarians office. They have been rescued and placed in a foster home. We take pet adoptions very seriously, all adoption must be approved. These precious animals have been through a lot so, we try to make sure the next home will be permanent and long lasting.

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Alabama Animal Rescue

Adopting a friend

All adoptions must be approved. An application must be completed, a vet reference will be checked, and a home check will be done if possible. This is to make sure the new home and the animal are a good match. An adoption contract must be signed assuring the animal will be returned to Alabama Animal Rescue if the adoption does not work out. There is an adoption fee that will include the animal being spayed or neutered.
Alabama Animal Rescue
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