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Piper's Rescue has a goal to place all orphaned pets with loving and forever homes.

Adopting a rescue dog is not a fast or cheap process. This is an important decision and should be made carefully. Not everyone can properly love and care for a rescue animal. Rescuing is about giving them a second chance...it is a VERY important and admirable act. You can be saving their lives. Some are scared and unsure at first. Here at Piper's Rescue, we work to socialize the dogs with both people and other dogs prior to adoption. And rescue dogs have plenty of love, attention and thanks to give to their forever owners.

Our adoption fee is $200 for dogs and $75 for cats. This fee is an attempt to cover the vet and general care costs we incur from taking these wonderful animals in. We are not funded by the city, county or state and do not have any grant funds to use. Our rescues are funded from adoption fees and donations alone.

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