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Adopting A Friend

A rescued dog can be your best friend. They know love when it comes their way, and try so hard to show love and gratitude in return. Some have had such a hard life, one would think they would be afraid to trust any human again, but it is amazing how quickly some of them respond to unconditional love. Many of our dogs are house dogs and are used to laps and beds and lots of hugs and kisses.

Who We Are

We  have been rescuing and re-homing dogs and cats for many years. We have many wonderful dogs who would be terrific companions. They range from little to very large, puppy to fully mature, all just wanting someone to take them home and love them.

Just the two of us senior citizens with a lot of love for our animals and hope and prayer for their happy, loving futures.


Come Visit Us

 We are small, with about 2 acres. The dogs are walked regularly.  Each dog is individually petted and talked to every day. Most are socialized and love people.

Each adoption is an answer to prayer, and a blessing to the dog and to the new family who has gained a loving family member.



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