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Who We Are

The Alabama Animal Adoption Society is a not for profit organization supported entirely by private donations and volunteer effort.

Our mission is to help strays and unwanted family pets find loving and responsible homes and to educate the public regarding the problem of pet overpopulation and the importance of spaying/neutering their pets.

We are not a shelter and cannot take in animals. All of our available pets are kept in foster homes and brought to the center on the weekend to be shown to the public.

You can find out all about us at our website at

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program

The AAAS strongly feels that the number of abandoned animals can be greatly reduced, or even eliminated, by attacking the pet overpopulation problem with a vigorous program of spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted births. Therefore, we offer the following low cost spay/neuter certificates for and cats and dogs:

Female Cat: $45.00
Male Cat: $35.00
Female Dog: $70.00
Male Dog: $50.00

These can be taken to any of our participating vets in the Greater Birmingham, AL area. Please stop by during our regular operating hours to get your certificate.

Adopting a friend

A $100.00 tax-deductible donation is required to adopt a pet which includes:

Kittens and Puppies:

Adult Animals:

The Alabama Animal Adoption Society is determined to place each pet in the right home for that particular animal. To ensure the placement of a pet in the proper home environment, potential owners are interviewed and must fill out an application for adoption. The application asks information that helps us determine whether the home would be the right one for that animal. All applicants must be approved before they adopt an animal.

Please Note: We only adopt our pets to homes in the Greater Birmingham, AL area and its surrounding counties.

Come Visit Us!

We are located at 2808 Crescent Avenue in Homewood, AL, and we're open on on Saturdays from 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm.
Alabama Animal Adoption Society
2808 Crescent Avenue
Homewood AL 35209
Phone: 205-871-6351

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