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Anyone interested in making a nonrefundable monetary donation can send it to the address below or through paypal. We can also use donations of pet food, doghouses, blankets, etc. Any help that we can get is always greatly appreciated. Thank you from all of us here at Dirty Dawg Rescue!
I have been saving animals pretty much all my life. I would bring home every stray that I found and nurse it back to health. I started taking in wildlife when I was around twelve and have saved about eight squirrels, two opossums, two raccoons, a coyote, and several birds. Not to mention all of the cats and dogs along the way. Dirty Dawg Rescue came when I started grooming dogs in the back of my aunts wallpaper store. My aunt and I would take the money that we got in tips and I would go to the animal shelter and pick out the most adoptable dog on death row. Then I would take it back to the shop and after we cleaned it up and had it vetted we would give it away to the best home. Together we formed a rescue called Fairy Dogmother Rescue. After a while we decided that it was best we go our own ways and I started Dirty Dawg Rescue. Now I take in all of the dogs and sometimes cats that space will allow for. I donít have a lot of room so I have to be careful to take animals that are actually adoptable. Otherwise I might be stuck with several animals that arenít getting adopted and that makes for a lot of problems. I know now that I canít save every dog but I can make a difference in the lives of some. Dirty Dawg Rescue doesnít get any funding from the government or money from grants or anything like that. We have to rely on adoption fees to pay our huge vet bills and to buy food and supplies for the animals. Anytime that we can get a donation it is greatly appreciated. We have been trying to sell candles to make extra money for the rescue. Unfortunately we havenít sold any and we rarely get a donation of dog or cat food. We can always use cedar shavings, cleaning supplies or anything else that would be helpful. Or if your feeling generous you could just donate by clicking our donate button.

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