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Who We Are

Aide for Animals is a small, no-kill, non-profit, 501(c)(3), EIN 77-0689021, humane, animal welfare organization, assisted living & retirement home for healthy, domestic cats and dogs.

We are fully committed to the responsibility of giving once unwanted animals a safe and loving home. .

Too many healthy animals are put to death because of overpopulation, because they are disabled or simply because they no longer “fit in” with their human families - these reasons are unacceptable. We use the spay/neuter program, NOT euthanasia, as population control and consider a disability only a challenge.

We are all volunteers and have no paid employees. All 100% of funding, which comes from our own resources, adoptions, fundraisers, and the kindness and generosity of people who support our ideals, make this all possible. 100% is used to buy supplies for the animals and pay veterinary bills. Supplies and vetting alone run around $2,000.00 monthly.

It is hard to believe that after all this time, we are still trying to overcome the destruction of hurricanes Ivan and Katrina. Clearing and replacing our fencing and parts of our roofing has been a major problem for us . We still need to finish the cat escape proof fencing to keep the cats safely in their area and have some electrical and plumbing updates.

In addition to this we have a wish list of items needed such as, a hot water heater, food supplies, lawnmower, air conditioners and heaters, and other building materials. There are other items of need on our web site.

Please, join with us in making our shelter an even safer and better sanctuary for our animals by donating to our cause. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible.

Please take a few minutes to visit our web site

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide life long shelter, medical treatment and loving care to healthy unwanted animals, whether juvenile, geriatric or disabled, to promote a responsible and humane attitude toward all creatures, to encourage spay/neuter as population control, and to end animal neglect and cruelty in any form.

We believe in the principles that guided St. Francis of Assisi, the patron Saint of Animals and thank God for the opportunity to help them.

All contributions are 100% tax-deductible. We are always in need of funding for general operating costs and repairs. If you share our ideals, PLEASE help us help them!

Adopting a Friend

We’d like to remind you that a pet is a member of your family and a lifetime commitment.

Many of our animals have been abused, neglected, are owner surrenders, rescued by us or simply weren’t adopted for one reason or another and deserve our love and the best care any of us can provide.

Veterinary care and rehabilitation is expensive. All of our animals are spayed or neutered and receive all necessary veterinary care such as deworming, heartworm testing, feline aids and leukemia testing, appropriate vaccines and any other treatment needed. Current adoption fee/donation for any animal, cat or dog, is $100.00, which covers only a portion of our costs.

Potential adopters are carefully screened. Adoption requirements include: Completion of adoption application, Vet reference and/or personal reference, home visit by Aide for Animal volunteer or by another rescue organization representative.

Also, we ask that if any home situation/adoption does not work out, that the animal be brought back to us so that we can either try again to find them the right home or keep them safely with us.

We are a no kill shelter; no adoptable animal is euthanized. If an adoptable animal doesn’t find a loving home, they will stay with us.

Please send us an e-mail for an adoption application or download one from our website.

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