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FoCAS is a non-profit, all volunteer, animal welfare organization based in Cullman, AL. Our primary mission is to decrease the number of animals who enter our local shelter, thereby decreasing the numbers of animals killed or euthanized there. Our programs include a spay/neuter assistance program, a pet retention program, and animal rescue and adoption.

FoCAS believes Spay/Neuter is the most cost effective and humane method of stopping the killing of healthy and adoptable animals. Studies have proven the 'catch and kill' philosophy of Animal Control is not as effective or humane as preventing unwanted litters through widespread access to spay/neuter. Our 'Fix Your Mama, Cullman' program works to offer spay/neuter assistance to targeted populations in Cullman County who are willing to alter their pets and make a committment to keep them in their home. Every penny you donate to our spay/neuter program is used to prevent unwanted litters, and decrease the number of animals surrendered by their guardians.

In addition to spay/neuter assistance, FoCAS has a pet retention program. We understand many pets are surrendered to animal shelters for reasons that are completely 'fixable," and we want to help you problem solve so you can maintain your beloved pet in your home. If you feel a need to surrender your pet to a shelter or rescue, contact us first. We may be able to provide you with assistance, or referral. Examples of assistance provided are crate training, food assistance, and assistance or referral with basic training issues.

Though limited, we continue our foster care and adoption program. If accepted into our foster care program, your pet will be socialized, fully vetted, and adopted into a loving and permanent home!


**REMEMBER: FREE TRANSPORT to Birmingham's low cost spay/neuter clinic ( every 4th Tuesday of EACH MONTH! Call 1-888-3FIXPET to reserve a spot at the clinic and on the van!

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Adopting a friend

If you're looking to adopt from a shelter or rescue group, Bravo to you! The love you give to a rescued animal is returned to you tenfold! Dogs and cats live long lives these days so make sure you can provide a lifelong committment before you choose to adopt! The $110 adoption fee for dogs and puppies covers the cost of age appropriate vaccinations (DHLPP and bordetella), rabies vaccine, deworming, and the spay or neuter. The $75 adoption fee for cats and kittens covers the cost of the age appropriate vaccinations, rabies vaccine, deworming, and the spay or neuter. Call us at 256-338-2936 if you're interested in adopting and we can walk you through the process..

Please get ALL your pets altered, make a lifelong committment to your animals, and adopt from animal shelters or rescues
FoCAS Inc.
P.O. Box 463

Cullman, AL 35056
Phone: 256-338-2936

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Donate a Bed
Our dogs love to sleep on Kuranda Dog beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another dog to sleep in comfort, please click here.