A Litter At A Time Rescue, Inc.

"ALAAT of love, hugs and kisses for animals in need.
Making "ruff" lives better."

The Animal Rescue Site

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The Animal Rescue Site

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The Animal Rescue Site

Our Featured Pets...

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With the economy the way it is rescues and shelters are struggling to help the influx of animals that owners are surrendering or abandoning on the streets. We plead with you to please don't let your beloved pet be the first thing you dump when you are struggling financially. Unfortunately, many shelters are having to resort to euthanizing owner surrender dogs due to the lack of space. Please contact a local rescue, hold on to your pet in the meantime and give the rescue a chance to help you find a home for Fido or Ms. Kitty.

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A Litter At A Time Rescue wishes that everyone would spay or neuter their pet. There are so many unwanted animals in the shelters across America. Please spay or neuter your pet. It could mean that you save a life! Contact us, we can help you get a spay or neuter certificate at a discount.

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Who We Are...

A Litter At A Time Rescue is made up of individuals that have one goal, one purpose: that is to fix what is broken. In our case it is broken hearts of the wounded animals that have been cast aside into shelters. These animals were abandoned without a chance to have a family to love them. We take in these babies, we love them, hug them and kiss them. All of our animals are in foster homes where they get the attention they deserve.

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Adopting from us...

All adoptions must be approved. An application must be completed, a vet reference will be checked and a home visit will be required. This is to make sure that the new home and the animal is a good match. An adoption contract must be signed. This assures that if the adoption does not work out for any reason the animal will be returned to A Litter At A Time Rescue. There will be an adoption donation for all animals. This donation pays for the vetting done to the animal before it is adopted. This usually includes shots, deworming, spaying or neutering, and a rabies shot. We do provide out-of-state adoptions.

Coming to Visit Us!

A Litter At A Time Rescue does not have a facility. All animals are fostered in individual homes where they are loved and cared for by a family. ALAAT is a small group of individuals who are trying to give as many puppies and kittens a chance at life rather than be destroyed. Our aim is to provide homes for these animals as well as preventing overpopulation.

Does you dog need some adjustment?

Is your pet running wild? Driving you crazy?

Or has you running in circles?

We have a friend for you: Critter Company School for Dogs. Please contact Denise and she will help you. Denise has been training dogs for fun and show for 20 years. She works with behavioral issues and can help with aggression, separation anxiety, housebreaking, possession aggression and much more. Just let her know you saw her ad here!

Denise will be glad to council you via phone or by personally meeting with you. Please e-mail her at Crittertim@yahoo.com

A big "Thank You" goes out to Denise for all the donations she collected for our little rescue! Thanks Denise!

What You Can Do to Help!

****We are in desperate need for more foster homes. ****

If you love puppies and kittens and would love to open your home to these babies. Fostering is easy! You provide the love, food and toys and we will provide all the vetting. The more fosters we have then the more babies we can save. It is a very rewarding feeling when a baby that you have helped save gets a loving forever home.

If you can find it in your heart to help. We can always use a donation of the following items:

Dry Dog Food
Dry Puppy Food
Dry Cat Food
Dry Kitten Food
Paper Towels
Puppy Pads
Cleaning Supplies
Dog Toys
Knitting Needles
Stuffed Animals

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We want to dedicate this site to those babies that we have lost over the years. We will not forget your little faces!

A Litter At A Time Rescue
Alabaster, AL 35007
Email: alitteratatime@yahoo.com
Please give us a narrative as to what kind of home life the pup will have when e-mailing us!

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