The Cullman Area Animal Welfare Association (CAAWA) is a non-profit, all volunteer, no-kill organization that rescues dogs and cats in Cullman county. Our mission is to decrease the number of animals surrendered to our local animal shelter through the rescue and interception of at risk dogs and cats, and by providing low cost spay/neuter assistance.

Once a dog or cat is accepted into CAAWA's foster program, we provide all vetting to include emergency treatment. The adult dog or cat is placed in a 10 day quarantine to ensure their health, and puppies/kittens are quarantined for 21 days. After the quarantine period is over the dog or cat is placed into a foster home where s/he has the opportunity to become socialized with people and other animals. Many of our animals are adopted by people living in our county, but we also partner with Petsmart in Decatur, AL, and adopt animals into loving homes in the NE with the assistance of our New England adoption liason. Most of our fosters have been rescued from terrible situations, and we make every effort to ensure their adoptive families are loving, committed, and willing to make their adopted pet an important member of their family.

An essential part of decreasing the number of animals surrendered to our local animal shelter is targeted spay/neuter. CAAWA has a low cost spay/neuter assistance program for residents of Cullman County. All requests for assistance are considered but priority is given to lab, bulldog, sporting, herding, brindle, black, and large female dogs belonging to people with low income who live in Cullman County. Because our funds are limited, we work hard to target breeds that have large litters and are more likely to be killed if surrendered to an animal shelter. We are not able to provide spay/neuter assistance to rescue groups, or persons who plan to surrender their pet to an animal shelter, rescue group, or sanctuary. At this time, we do not have a spay/neuter assistance program for cats, but we partner with a local group that does and we're happy to make a referral for you.

Our adoption donations are as follows: dogs and puppies $125, cats and kitttens $70. Funds collected for our pet adoptions are tax deductions for you, and are used to help offset the cost of vetting, emergency medical care, and fostering needs.

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Please consider saving a life and adopting your next dog or cat from CAAWA. Rescued animals find themselves in unfortunate circumstances through no fault of their own, and depend on us to help them. These beautiful animals deserve nothing less than to live a long, happy, and healthy life where they are valued for their uniqueness. Thank YOU for being a hero and considering a rescued dog or cat!!!

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