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Our Adoptable Pet List

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. All of the animals we have listed are featured pets that desperately need new homes for one reason or other. We try to do our share by taking in what we can to save their lives.


We do have an active Angel Fund posted in our clinic. Donations are welcome from all. Angel Funds are used to defray costs associated with the support of our pets for adoption; also to help those with pet emergencies that need financial support.

Who We Are

We are a veterinarian hospital that tries to help our furry friends by fostering and listing homeless animals and pets. We have a limited amount of space and can only take two dogs and two cats at any given time. We display our pets at the clinic, hoping some of our clients will want to adopt or know someone that is looking for a pet. We offer this as a service to our clients and to help the animals that people have thrown away.

Adopting a friend

Our adoption fee is $50.00 plus the cost of the spay or neuter with a 20% discount. We do require that the pets are altered before leaving our clinic. They will also have had their shots up to date for the age of the pet. For instance if a dog is grown he will have his rabies and DHLPP. If he is a puppy that is 9 weeks old, he will have his first DHPP but not his rabies. We also do a heartworm check on all adult dogs and a FELV/FIV test on all cats. The adoption fee covers the cost of these services.

Come Visit Us!

Countryside Veterinary Hospital
5267 Old Railroad Bed Rd

Toney, AL 35773
Phone: 256-859-2221

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Tips for introducing pet to a home with existing pets!

Introduce dogs to current dogs on a leash and in a neutral place!

If there's any problems, using a crate inside will help get current dogs use to seeing the new comer and vice versa. Keep using leashes when its potty time to prevent any issues or until everyone gets used to each other. If you have a cat, having the new dog on a leash is a great idea in case the new dog has never been around cats.!

Introducing cats can be hard and tricky. Most existing cats do not take to new cats very easily. We also we use a crate until everyone calms down. We put a litter box in the crate that we later move to a room and show the cat where it is. Adding a new box helps prevent inappropriate urinating and defecating from the existing cat and the new cat!

Be very patient b/c there will be lots of hissing, growling and smacking between cats. Our cat is 10 now and she's seen many cats/kittens pass through here and some stay. She has eventually become friends with them!