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Who We Are

Australian Shepherd Rescue of Alabama is dedicated to finding forever homes for unwanted Aussies. Most of the dogs come from area Humane Societies or Rabies Control Facilities. These dogs come into Rescue usually as their last hope after their time in the Shelter is up. Any Aussie in need of placement that is already in a family environment can be listed on the rescue site as a referral provided it is up to date on all shots, spayed or neutered and on heartworm prevention. Since foster space is very limited room is available to those Aussies only if there are no Aussie's in shelter's waiting help. All of the Aussies turned over to rescue are checked out by a Veterinarian, given any needed shots, treated for heartworms or other conditions as necessary and spayed or neutered.

About Those Aussies

Australian Shepherds are great family dogs and wonderful companions that need to feel they are part of the family. Being herding dogs they very intelligent with high energy needing a lot of exercise and a job to do. Aussies in the right family environment are watchful, protective, loving and playful. Without the proper exercise and attention Aussies can become destructive and are not the right dog for a sedentary lifestyle. For more information before you decide an Aussie is right for you and your family please check out these books. The Australian Shepherd, Champion OF Versatility by Liz Palika and All About Aussies, by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Tayler. On the web, History of the Australian Shepherd by Linda Rorem. For information on double merles (merle to merle breeding) see White Aussies.

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting please complete our, Adoption Application. Approved applicants will receive help in finding the right Aussie to match their lifestyle. Contact us for more information if needed. For other rescue opportunities please check out, B.A.R.K. South East area site. For Mini Aussie's please check out, Mini Aussie Rescue and Support.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! There are many Aussies in shelters needing our help but we need foster homes in order to help them. If you have a place in your heart to help an Aussie in need please let us know. Due to the increasing popularity of this breed, all of the Aussie Rescue organizations are overloaded with dogs and are in desperate need of more volunteers. Volunteers are needed to foster, do home visits, screen applications as well as countless other tasks. If you are interested in helping please check out the opportunities HERE

We are not a shelter, all dogs are in private homes being fostered.


Australian Shepherd Rescue of Alabama

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