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Our Adoptable Pet List

Our Featured Cat...Poke-AH-Dot

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Our Featured Dog... Dusty

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An Inside cat is a safe and healthy cat!.

Heartworm disease affects cats differently from dogs, as the disease mostly affects the lungs and not just the heart. Infection starts the same way as it does in dogs a bite from a mosquito carrying microscopic heartworm larvae. Once the larvae develop into immature worms, they enter blood vessels. In cats, the immature worms are carried to the arteries in the lungs, where they induce an inflammatory reaction that can cause coughing or difficulty breathing. Signs are often mistaken for feline asthma or allergic bronchitis or even hairballs. “A lot of times with coughing [in a cat], people think it’s just a hairball. Cat owners should get their pets on a heartworm preventive year-round and that goes for indoors-only kitties too, unless you can guarantee that you will never get any mosquitoes in your home, and who hasn’t woken up with a mosquito bite?” Many preventives also guard cats from other parasites.

Shelter Wish List

Volunteers Transporters Milk bones, no color (S, M, abnd Large) Rawhides (all sizes) Purina Dog/Puppy Food Purina Cat/Kitten Food Scoopable Cat Litter Cat Supplies Frontline & Heartworm prevention HE Laundry Detergent Paper Towels, Bath Towels, Cleaning Supplies

Visit our GREAT Thrift Store. We have 700 sq ft of shopping space, and many of the items we have are brand new! We take household and furniture items, gently used clothing, purses, shoes or books.

The store is located at the shelter and hours of operation are the same as our business hours.
Proceeds from the thrift store will go to help our animals and operation costs. The ARK relies on your donations whether they are monetary gifts, donations of items to our Thrift Store, or purchases made in the Thrift Store to help homeless and abused animals.
When you donate your items to the ARK, we'll give you a tax deductible receipt upon request.

Adopting a Rescue Dog Front Cover Adopting a Rescue Dog: The First Seven Days is a free book that may be useful in helping you prepare for your adoption and get your new dog off to a good start. You can download a copy here.

Want to help sponsor a dog or cat you have seen on our webpage? The Ark accepts PayPal

We happily accept sponsorship and will mail you verification of sponsorship of your chosen pet. Remember - Donations are tax deductible. The ARK accepts Check, VISA & MasterCard. Call or e-mail for more information. (256) 851-4088 or send us email at

***2017 COMING EVENTS***

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Be a part of the ARK. Come by during our business hours to learn more about the ARK. To get directions to the shelter, please contact an ARK Volunteer at (256) 851-4088 or send us email at

Shelter Hours:
11 am - 4 pm Tuesday through Saturday, also phone is active during this hours. only

Sunday, Monday and Holidays.

If you have an emergency, call
the Animal Emergency Clinic
at 1-256-533-7600 HSV or 256-350-7001 Decatur


Driving directions to the ARK

1.Take Hwy 72 W (University Drive)
2.Exit onto Hwy 255 North (N. Research Park Blvd, formerly Rideout Rd)

[This intersection is located roughly between the Wal-Mart/Wendy's/Petco shopping area & the Circuit City/Old Navy/Linens and Things shopping area. The Mall is another nearby landmark.]

3. Go straight on Hwy 255 north until you see the Dan Tibbs Rd sign.
4. Take a right onto Dan Tibbs Road
5. Go through one 4-way stop
6. And soon after take a right onto Export Circle
7. Pass Huntsville Obedience Training Center on your left, then turn left onto Bo Cole Road, The ARK is on the left!

The ARK's Mission

The Ark was incorporated for the purpose of rescuing animals from shelters before they are put to death. The Ark's main mission is to ensure a good quality of life for each animal rescued by adopting it to responsible citizens that will provide care and a loving home, and to:

* Educate the public about the responsibilities of pet ownership, animal care, welfare and control.
* Ensure every animal adopted by The Ark is spayed or neutered because we do not believe in adding to the tragic overpopulation of our domestic pets.
* Assist citizens with sick, injured, abandoned and orphaned animals as funds and space permit.
* To bring public awareness to the tragic number of dogs and cats that are put to death. Every year 4 to 6 million animals are euthanized nationwide because there are no homes for them. What can you do to stop the suffering?

Ark Adoption Policy

There are two programs that the Ark uses when adopting an animal. 

  • Adult adoption program
  • Foster to Adopt program

The adult adoption program is for animals that have received all of their vaccinations and have been spayed/neutered. When adopted, these animals will go to a new home on a 2-week trial period. Individuals interested in adopting an animal will leave a check for the adoption fee with the Ark. The Ark will hold the check during the 2-week trial giving the family time to make a final decision about the animal.

The purpose for the 2-week trial is to ensure that the animal fits into the family and that everyone, including the animal is happy with the new living arrangements. If the animal doesn’t fit into your family, then you return it to the Ark and will receive a refund on the adoption fee.

The foster to adopt program (FTA) works a little differently than the adult adoption program. This program was designed for those animals that come to the Ark that aren’t old enough to have all of their vaccinations or be spayed/neutered, such as puppies and kittens or those that have medical conditions that need to be treated before all vaccinations and spaying/neutering can occur.

The foster to adopt program allows individuals to take an animal home only after signing an agreement with the Ark that states that they are responsible for taking the animal to the Ark’s veterinarian for vaccinations and spaying/neutering. The adopter is given a vaccination schedule and they are to make the appointments with our vet at the Ark’s expense.

Adopters pay the adoption fee up front and it will be held until after the veterinarian confirms that all vaccinations and spaying/neutering has occurred, then the adopter will return to the Ark to complete the final adoption paperwork. Animals in the foster to adopt program are still considered Ark animals until the adopter adheres to the FTA contract regarding vaccinations and spaying/neutering. Only then will the adoption be final. If the adopter does not adhere to the FTA contract, the animal must be returned to the Ark. If the animal doesn’t fit into your family, it can be returned to the Ark for a refund. We regret that we are only able to do local adoptions. It is not our policy to ship pets.

REMINDER: It is UNLAWFUL to abandon animals in the state of Alabama. Please do not leave animals which need homes at the shelter. Speak with a shelter volunteer about alternatives for placing your pet.

Come Visit Us!

The Ark Inc.
139 Bo Cole Road
Huntsville, AL 35806

Call the shelter at 256-851-4088. We receive a large volume of calls each day. Please leave a message and a volunteer will contact you between 11am to 4pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays. Phones are in service during business hours only.


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