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Dogs of the Month

Brittany needs a new home!
Carol needs a loving home!
Rascal needs a forever home!

These 3 beautiful dogs have all been here for a while. Please consider offering one of them a Forever home.

Brittany is a pretty rust colored shepherd mix. She has touches of white on her chest and face. Brittany is about four months old. This sweet little girl was brought to the shelter by her owner, because they could not afford to keep her any longer. Brittany is up to date with routine vaccinations, she has a microchip, and she has already been spayed. Brittany walks well on a leash with out pulling or tugging. She has very nice doggie manners. We are working on simple commands and she is learning quickly. Brittany would be a great puppy to introduce to a family with children.

Carol is a sweet five month old retriever/lab mix. She has a short coat that is mostly black with some white on her feet, chest, and tummy. She has long ears that flop when she shakes her head! Carol is at the shelter because her family had too many animals. Now Carol needs a new home. Carol is up to date with routine vaccinations for her age, she has a microchip, and she has already been spayed. Carol walks well on a leash and we are working on simple commands. Carol has a gentle spirit and tries to please whoever she is with. Carol would be a wonderful addition to any family.

Rascal is a terrier mix that is about eight months old. She is a dark brindle color with a white streak on her chest. The feature that really stands out on Rascal are her ears!! They are quite large. When they stand up they look like ice cream cones on her head!! Rascal was brought to the shelter by a nice family that found her. Rascal is up to date with routine vaccinations, she is heartworm negative and is on a preventative, she has a microchip, and she has already been spayed. Rascal needs a little more work with walking on a leash and obeying simple commands, but that will come with time. What she needs now is a loving home. Do you have room at your house for Rascal??

Please click on the above photos to find out more about these dogs.

If you are interested in any of these wonderful dogs, please contact us!

Montgomery Humane Society 334-409-0622 Ext. 202

Cat of the Month



Jonas is a big cat! He is a smoky gray color and his coat is short. His big green eyes look beautiful with his gray coat. Jonas was brought to the shelter as a stray. Now Jonas needs a new home. He is up to date with routine vaccinations, he has a microchip, and he has already been neutered. Jonas doesnt get worked up about anything. He loves to watch the world from his cage. He is much too dignified to play a game with kittens!! Would you like a quiet, sedate cat to keep you company? Jonas could be just the one for you.

Panama is a pretty two year old cat. She is mostly white with just a few black spots scattered on her face and body. One feature that really stands out on Panama is her beautiful green eyes. Panama is at the shelter because her owner had landlord issues, so we know who had to leave.Panama! She is up to date with routine vaccinations, she has a microchip, and she has already been spayed. Panama would be lots of company for an older person or a single person that had a full time job. Come by and visit Panama and see if she could fit into your life style.

If you are interested in Jonas or Panama, please contact the Montgomery Humane Society at 334-409-0622 Ext. 202.

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Who We Are

The Montgomery Humane Society provides food, water, shelter, and medical attention for more than 12,000 unwanted and stray animals annually including those turned over to us by their owners as well as stray animals picked up by the Animal Control Division of the Montgomery Police Department. We rescue animals in distress; relocate wildlife to suitable environments; and investigate reports of animal cruelty and neglect. We receive and place for adoption dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, and small domestic animals. We also provide humane euthanasia to approximately 8,000 unadoptable animals each year. Other shelter services include a volunteer program, a lost and found program, a humane education program, and a pet visitation program.

Our service area is the City and County of Montgomery.

Adopting a Friend

The placement of our adoptable animals into loving, caring homes and thereby enhancing the bond between animals and people is the primary goal of the Montgomery Humane Society Adoption Program. We focus on education so that every pet owner benefits from their contact with the shelter, whether or not they adopt an animal from us. Matching the needs of the animal and the potential owner, as well as educating potential owners about responsible pet ownership, helps to ensure successful pet placements of shelter animals.

Volunteering and Donations

The MHS is a private, non-profit organization that in fiscal year 2003 provided programs and services that benefited more than 12,000 animals and 200,000 people. Every year since then, we continue to strive to do the same - or better! The expenses for these programs and services were supported by private donations and bequests from individuals and businesses, grants from foundations and trusts, fund-raising events, and appropriations from the City and the County. For information about volunteering at the MHS, please call 334-409-0622, extension 202.

The Montgomery Humane Society receives no funds from state or federal government, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the American Humane Association, the Humane Society of the United States, other humane organizations, or the United Way.

Donations are a primary source of our funds. The MHS is classified as a 501(c) 3 organization for tax purposes, so all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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Montgomery Humane Society

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