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The Sled Dog Sanctuary strives to be a place where sled dogs can work, play and thrive while healing from a past life of abuse, illness or neglect.

We provide sled dogs the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve without the pressure of succeeding under a time line. It is our goal to build each dog up to their individual potential while throwing out the mold of what many believe a sled dog should fit into. 

We actively work through the global community encouraging adoption through a compatible match of a sled dog's personality with those of their adopters, making connections and adoptions not only in Alaska but in many of the lower 48 states.

It is also our goal to work with groups throughout the state of Alaska providing a sanctuary to people in need of a quiet place to heal, with animal therapy close at hand.

Along with providing animal therapy, we strive to expand the knowledge about our wonderful sport by offering hands on education to our visitors, providing facts and demonstrating the use of mushing equipment to further illustrate the complexities that exist within a dog team.

It is our goal to not only provide a haven for sled dogs in need but to provide education, therapy and adoption services to all who come to the Sled Dog Sanctuary.

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The Sled Dog Sanctuary is open by appointment only. Contact us to schedule a day and time to visit.

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