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Saving one animal will not save the world, but surely for that one animal the world will change forever ~ Author Unknown

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue (R-mar) is dedicated to rescuing and finding homes and adopters for dogs and cats.

We frequently rescue dogs that have been abandoned, found starving, often traumatized and freezing, on the Morley Reserve near Calgary. Many Calgarians who don't want their dogs abandon them on the Reserve. People often think the Natives aren't taking care of their dogs, however that is not the case. Most of the dogs were abandoned by previous owners, often not spayed or neutered, and they have puppies, also starving, lonely and riddled with parasites, and starting the breeding cycle all over again.

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue also helps other rescue groups that are overcrowded, due to lack of spay and neuter laws and people allowing their pets to breed. The rescue groups we often help are other volunteers who pull dogs shortly before euthanasia, and often from "shelters" or dog pounds that use inhumane kill practices. Either way, its terribly sad, and people that adopt from Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue are saving lives of wonderful and deserving animals that are so appreciative when they get a loving home.

Potential adopters often email that they are interested in a particular dog or cat they've seen on the Adoption page, but want to meet it first. They suppose that if they meet the dog they will know if it is a good fit, and if a second pet is in the home they gauge how the new dog will fit in. Often it is stated that 'it is not fair to the dog' if things don't work out. This is far from the truth. The dog was saved from misery, and, potentially, death, being cared for by volunteers with too many pets to care for and not enough help. The chance for the dog or cat to get out of a shelter cage to a home is wonderful! If any pet that does not fit it's new environment, Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue will take it back into foster care, NOT back to a shelter. The pet will be available for someone else to give it a good home.

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue also encourages people to speak up for animals when they witness cruelty, or contact politicians and sign petitions. If everyone did something, it would make a big difference.


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