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AB Herding Dog Rescue

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Once you go to our facebook page, check out the "Photos" tab, then click on the "Albums" tab: each dog in foster care is listed as ADOPTABLE and has their own picture album with a more detailed write up on their history as we know it, the behaviours that we are seeing in foster care and the type of home we think would best suit them.
(A link to the FB profile should also be in the notes section of the Petfinder profile.)


Our foster dogs wear ID tags donated by Dog Tag Art.

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custom pet tag for your dog or cat.

We are a very small group of individuals who contribute our time, our homes and often our own $ for some expenses. We would prefer not to launch big email campaigns or be constantly posting ads to buy something to your facebook pages. We would rather concentrate on helping out the dogs become good companions so that they can be adopted by that special someone.

To do that we could really use your financial support!
Financial contributions DO help the dogs in foster care!
We can accept online donations in a couple of ways:

1. Click on the "Sponsor Me" button, which is visible when you check out on an individual dog's Petfinder profile.

2. You can also donate through our "Wish List" by clicking on the DONATE tab on the FaceBook page.

Please Note: We are a registered Not-for-Profit but we are not a registered charity so we cannot issue tax receipts. We will, however recognize all our supporters on our facebook "Thank You" tab.

Another way to support AB Herding Dog Rescue is through the shopping sites below.

Just by paying with gift cards, through Fundscrip, you can transform your everyday spending into fundraising dollars for our organization.


With her connections in the world of stock dogs and agility (and other dog sports), Cindy has taken in, fostered and found homes for many dogs, primarily Border Collies and Border Collie crosses, over the last 10 years. Currently, all the Border Collies & some of the BC crosses are fostered under the umbrella of Border Collie Friends Rescue (www.bordercollie.ca). Other herding breeds, such as Australian Cattle Dogs, Kelpies, Belgian & German Shepherds (to list just a few), she fosters independently under Herding Dog Rescue.

The aim of Herding Dog Rescue (and BCFR) is to find active pet homes for those dogs that display common, yet often misunderstood, herding behaviours. Although these behaviours are most often seen in Border Collie type dogs, there is a large number of herding breeds that demonstrate similar characteristics. We also look for active pet homes for those herding breeds who may not show any instinct at all or have found themselves in a desperate situation.

We (HDR & BCFR) hope you understand that, as small and independent rescues, our resources and foster homes are severely limited. We have to assess each dog individually before we can consider bringing them into foster care and much depends on the availability of foster homes at the time. Once a dog enters into our rescue(s), they are given the necessary veterinary care and training required to maintain a healthy disposition and they remain with us until we find their "forever home".

Before contacting us about surrendering a dog, we recommend contacting the breeder about rehoming one of their own (most reputable breeders are involved with breed rescue) or contact the national organization for the (dominant) breed, as they often have a breed rescue program and may have a waiting list of adopters.



All of our animals are fostered in private homes, which allows us to properly assess their temperament and behaviour, and understand the type of family that will best suit their needs. Hopefully you will understand that our animals' best interests are at the heart of what we do and our ultimate goal is to find perfect matches!

We will not adopt dogs to homes, farms or acreages, without an adequately fenced yard or dog run. As these are herding breeds, we cannot knowingly place them in a home where they have the opportunity to harass neighbouring livestock or wildlife. Nor will we adopt them out to homes where they are expected to be "outside" dogs and not part of the family. These are active dogs, often with "baggage", that require interaction with their humans to remain on their best behaviours.

If you are new to dog ownership, or new to adopting from a shelter or rescue organization, please download and read this free e-book from the Dog Food Insider for information and tips on bringing home your new rescue:


If you are interested in one of our dogs, please email us for an adoption questionnaire. This must be filled out as completely and truthfully as possible and include references.


AB-HDR is located approximately 1.5 hours NW of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We are not a shelter with regular office or store hours. Although many of our dogs are located at Cavorting K9s Retreat, all our dogs are fostered in private homes. All visits are by appointment with the foster family.

If you have an application in for one of our fosters, we will make every effort to complete the application process before you travel to visit the dog so that if the meeting is a success, you can take your new companion home with you on that day.

Herding Dog Rescue
Cremona/Sundre, AB
Email: HerdingDogRescue@telus.net
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