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Click to see our pets! A not-for-profit cat rescue that is a no-kill organization. RECENT NEWS: The Last Chance Cat Ranch is now becoming a sanctuary for many cats. The majority of our cats have been with us for more than five years. They are senior, geriatric and settled. Not many people are willing to adopt a senior cat, therefore the older cats will remain with us until the end of their days. This means that now more than before, we are in great need of donations to help with dentals and other necessary veterinary care as needed for the senior and geriatric cat. In operation since 2003 first in Coaldale and now in Lethbridge, Alberta. When the founder of The LCCR moved from Edmonton in November of 2002, she was appalled at the number of cats in this region that were disposed of at the local municipal 'animal shelter' (city pound) and even more that were domestic pets that were dropped off in the country to fend for themselves. This type of ignorance and cruelty is not endemic to the Lethbridge area. It is rampant throughout the Province of Alberta. There are over fifty (50) cats in our rescue that have been waiting patiently for their forever homes. Our resident cats also live with dogs and everyone gets along. Amazing considering the numbers! Every cat here has a story, as do all rescue cats. Our cats live in a cage free environment and have an outdoor cat enclosure to enjoy the sun and watch the birds. Our cats eat good quality food such as Innova and MediCal Preventive. They also get canned food or chicken several times a week. A cat rescue, operated by one primary person with a few volunteers, relies on donations. A registered society in the Province of Alberta. Alberta: the richest Province in Canada with billions of dollars in surplus and hardly any support for animal rescue! We need more lobbying to make changes in allocation of government funding. Southern Alberta is rife with animal abuse, especially in the smaller communities where they put cats in wooden boxes and put a hose from an exhaust on a truck into a hole in the box and run the engine until the cats are dead. The town of Raymond shoots them. Coaldale tells people that they can do whatever they want with them. Other communities just don't care. The occasional kind person may take in a stray or try to get help from an animal rescue group. . We all need to lobby our three levels of government and the ASPCA to take action regarding animal abuse! The LCCR is working on forming SAARC (The Southern Alberta Animal Rescue Coalition). As a collective voice, perhaps we can make a difference regarding laws for abandonment and cruelty with pet companions.

Adopting a friend

Two cats are better than one! If you have one cat and are looking for the perfect companion, you will find that our cats will bond and adapt to new situations, as many have been strays, fending for themselves. "There is no such thing as an ordinary cat" Collette. "The more cats you have, the longer you live" Charles Bukowski. Adoption is reviewed and adoption papers are signed. If cats adopted from The LCCR cannot remain with their new homes, they are to be returned to The LCCR. The adoption fee is $180 and includes altering, and vaccines. Depending on which local vet does the spay/neuter, some cats are also tattooed. Our belief is that cats should be indoors with, if possible, an outdoor enclosure they have free access to enjoy the sunshine and watch the trees, birds and other items of interest. We currently have over thirty cats available for adoption, many of which are seniors. The Last Chance Cat Ranch believes that two cats are better than one and offers a reduced adoption fee if more than one cat is adopted. Some cats want to be the only cat and others need a friend, otherwise they suffer from loneliness. We are trying to adopt out our own cats, however, always we encourage people to go to The Lethbridge Animal Shelter (city pound) and adopt from there as many are owner surrenders.

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The main facility of The LCCR is in a private home, with fifteen (15) foster homes. Addresses are not given out as these homes are not open to the public. Appointments can be made to visit the cats by calling or emailing. Numbers are on this site. We are always in need of donations, foster homes and volunteers.
The Last Chance Cat Ranch

Lethbridge, AB T5K1G4
Phone: (403) 715 2287
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