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Boxer Rescue Canada covers the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  We will refer to other rescue groups in other parts of Canada.



Adopting A Friend

Boxer Rescue Canada does not operate out of a kennel facility.  Available dogs are fostered in private homes throughout the province.  Meeting the adoptable boxers is by appointment only, after an adoption application is completed and a home visit is done by a BRC volunteer.

Who We Are

Rescue boxers are typically older dogs who have been surrendered or abandoned—it's a rare day when we have a puppy or even a younger dog to adopt.  We try to place dogs as quickly as we can, but since many of them come from broken or abusive households, we deliberately take our time to research the person or families who wish to take one into their care.  At this point in the rescue's life we want to do our best to make their next stop their final home, so we appreciate your patience in this process and your commitment to providing the rescue a permanent home. 

We're looking for people who want to make the next years of a rescue's life their finest ones.  Some of our best adoptions have come from people who were dead-set on a certain age, color and sex of boxer and end up having their heart stolen by a completely different dog—we encourage you to put aside any aesthetic expectations and just come looking for a dog you can fall in love with (and one that will fall for you!).  Our organization is made up of dozens of people who have taken in dozens more boxers over the decades—we'll encourage you to talk and build relationships with some of these people so you and your new rescue can benefit from their experience. 

We believe in what we do and encourage you to contact us—we're always looking for another loving home for a rescued boxer.


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