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I am simply at a loss here. ("I" being Susan, secretary & treasurer of 7 Bells Sanctuary) We have had another HUGE blow to 7 Bells Sanctuary. Our "glue", our main foster home, Judy Vaughn has passed away. She passed away on July 17. I don't have alot of the details really but what I do know is that she was meeting a couple of other rescues in Belton, Missouri to transport a couple of dogs. She met up with a basset hound rescue at a McDonald's in Belton. She had a basset hound that they were taking back up to Iowa. Anyway, while she was meeting with the basset hound rescue contact inside McDonald's she just fell to the floor. She had a heart attack and was gone just that quickly. The lady she was meeting with wasn't sure who to call. That lady called her mother, who is the head of he basset hound rescue and her mother ended up getting in touch with me. I then had to call Judy's husband and son. Those two phone calls are the hardest and most difficult phone calls I have ever had to make. I didn't have any real details other than that Judy was gone and what hospital her body was at. The really bad part is that her husband was on the road (he is a truck driver). Can you imagine getting such a phone call as you are driving a truck down the highway? For anyone interested in attending her memorial service - Kevin has told me that they will have a service (of sorts) at the Montrose Senior Center in Montrose, Missouri on July 30 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. I don't have the address of the Senior Center but as soon as I get it I will post it here. Or, you can email me at stimmerman@embarqmail.com to get any further details. I have also had folks ask me about donations. The only thing I can think of at this point is maybe making a donation to the Montrose Volunteer Fire Department. Judy was VERY active and a member of the volunteer fire department. I would say that you could make donations to 7 Bells Sanctuary but, to be honest, I am not sure just what will happen with 7 Bells Sanctuary. As I said, Judy was our main foster home. I do know that we will be looking for other rescues to help us out with some of our dogs. I also know that we won't be taking any more dogs in at least for a while. It all depends on just how much Kevin and Kaleb will be able to do from this point on. I DO know that NONE of our dogs will be "put down" because we have no where for them to go though. The ones that we don't find another rescue for or find a home for will simply stay with us until God calls them home. So, in that regard maybe we could use some donations. But, at this time I simply have no clue what will happen with 7 Bells Sanctuary other than for at least a while we will not be taking in any new dogs. If you have ANY questions please email me at the address earlier in this message. Judy Vaughn was loved and respected by so many folks. She will be GREATLY missed.

It is with profound sadness that I am writing this. Our leader and founder has passed away. Judy Haushahn founded 7 Bells Sanctuary. She was dedicated to finding old dogs new homes. She had been battling cancer for quite some time. She lost the battle on October 19, 2010. Andrea (our new President), Judy Vaughn and I (Susan Timmerman) are all very upset. But, we will carry on the work that Judy Haushahn started. We will continue with the values that Judy Haushahn taught us. Please be patient with us during our time of grief.
I have had a few folks ask me about making a memorial donation instead of sending flowers to the funeral. I talked with Audra at Rosebud in Cole Camp and this has already been done! You can make a donation to Benton County Hospice, Pettis County Hospice or 7 Bells Sanctuary. The donations for Benton County Hospice or Pettis County Hospice should be sent to Audra at Rosebud since I don't have the information on where those donations should be sent on to. If you would like to make a donation to 7 Bells Sanctuary you can either send it to me or to Audra. Here are the addresses for both Audra and I.

Rosebud Gifts & Fabric
109 E. Butterfield Trail
Cole Camp, MO 65325

7 Bells Sanctuary, Inc.
c/o Susan Timmerman
103 E. 2nd St.
Holden, MO 64040

You can make a difference for the pet population by purchasing “I’m Pet Friendly” license plates.
I'm Pet Friendly

Who We Are

We are a small, foster home based rescue.
We were licensed by MO Dept. of Agriculture in June 2004.

February 2009 - 501 (c) 3 Pending (We have grown!)
July 2009 - IRS has granted our tax exempt status!

We specialize in senior & special needs fur-kids.
We offer Hospice care for dying fur-kids as space permits.
We may take in a puppy or young fur-kid as space permits.

This site is dedicated to Judy Haushan, founder of 7 Bells Sanctuary, Inc.

Our pets are completely vetted including but not limited to altered, vaccinated, dental & a microchip before being placed for adoption.
The goal is to get the senior pets into senior homes or non-senior homes with a low energy lifestyle.

These are rural pounds, 2 dog capacity each.
$50 Adoption fee on pound dogs includes a spay/neuter & Rabies.

Our Cole Camp City Pound Service

Our Lincoln Pound Service

Adopting a friend

We want to find the right placement for each pet. We never want them to be hungry or unwanted again. We will answer every question to the very best of our knowledge & always be honest when it comes to the pet's suitability for a home. We want to make sure that you get the pet that will suit your special needs & that you will be able to meet the special needs of your pet.

We have small pets, under 25 lbs., 1 to 6 years of age, in our foster homes. These small pets will be closely observed for 2 weeks before being adopted out. This will allow us, hopefully, to notice & care for any medical problems or behavior problems that may arise. Their adoptions will help provide funds for the special needs of the seniors & special needs pets that wait longer to find that special fur-ever home.

Our adoption process begins with the e-mail or phone call to us. We will be asking for your complete name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, your veterinarian contact information & at least three personal references. We will then call you to ask a series of questions to make sure our pet will be suitable for your home.
We are able to love & let go because we screen very carefully to find the home best suited to meet the needs of the fur-kids entrusted to our care.

If your children have been taught kindness to pets we MAY adopt to a family with small children. That is done case-by-case. Interaction between parents, children, pet is observed.
The safety of our pet is priority. If a pet bites he/she may be put to death. Our commitment is to the fur-kid we have brought into our rescue.
It the child is young & small, runs after a pet that gets off leash, then the potential for death or injury exists if traffic is nearby. It's compared to a child running after a ball.
If a child is young & small, the pet too large or active, then an accidental bump may cause the child to fall, be injured or even killed if his/her head strikes a hard object.
We have had several successful adoptions to families with small children. Not every pet is suitable for a family. We try very hard to ensure the safety of our pet first, then your child second.
We appreciate your understanding of the safety issue.

The adoption fee ranges from $125 to $325.
The fee is based upon veterinary care, age & size of the pet.
The higher adoption fee on the younger small pets helps care for the older pets that take longer to find fur-ever homes.

Senior citizens & disabled receive a discount.
We also offer a discount to those in uniform keeping us safe.
Land of the free because of the brave.
May our Lord wrap His Bubble of Protection about those that serve.
May He comfort those left waiting for their return.

Jan. 2007 began our Senior Fur-ever & Always Program.
Our program is patterned after Love A Golden's Senior Life Program.
On certain fur-kids, your original adoption donation is perpetual.
The individual profiles reflect fur-kids in this program.
You may adopt another appropriate senior (10 years & older) fur-kid from us after this fur-kid passes to the Rainbow Bridge, becoming an Angel Dog.

Judy Haushahn lived in Cole Camp, MO. She so loved Cole Camp. So, even though none of us live in Cole Camp now, 7 Bells Sanctuary, Inc. was founded in Cole Camp. So, in honor of Judy we will leave the below "blurp" about Cole Camp on this site.

We are in a rural area five miles from historic downtown Cole Camp. Some of the pets may be in foster homes. We do not have a kennel as all of these pets live in a home environment. We are open 7 days a week by appointment. Cole Camp is located in Benton County. Cole Camp is southeast of Kansas City about 2 hours, northeast of Springfield about 2 hours and southwest of Columbia about 2 hours, southwest of St. Louis about 4 hours. Cole Camp is located on 52 Highway, a short drive from Truman Lake and the Truman Dam. Please check out Cole Camp at www.colecampmo.com There are many places to visit while in the area looking for a pet, and some of the businesses are downright pet friendly. The Harris Guest House is a B&B which encourages well behaved pets to spend the night.

Microchip Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please make a M/C scan part of your pet's yearly physical.
If you move please update the information
Notify your vet of the new address, phone info.
Also, notify the rescue/shelter you adopted from.

If you use collar ID
Please include area code & phone number
Your pet may be out of the county so area code is important.
Also, include city/state & first name of your pet.

All of our pets are special. Most are seniors, loved at one time.

Oct. 2008 we now take in a few whiskered ones (cats)
Andrea is our feline foster parent.

Suggestions for Pet Care...

We SUGGEST that you prepare a legal document for your pet's care & custody should you become incapacitated or deceased.
Some of the pets in shelters are there simply because their guardian passed away or went to live in a nursing home.

We also SUGGEST that you have the courage & compassion to take your pet for last rites when needed.
Let your face be the last he/she sees, your voice be the last heard & your embrace be the last felt.
Be with your pet to the very end. It will be the hardest thing you ever do, yet the most compassionate. Your faithful companion deserves that!

Our K-9 Bereavement Counselor...

We now have a K-9 bereavement counselor to assist you
As pet lovers, we all find ourselves faced with the inevitable loss of our special family members. There is no love without risk, and that is especially true with our furkids.. Whether human or fur, e-mail Michelle at
Email: mzcgrief@yahoo.com
It helps to share and talk with others. It is also a tribute to all your loved one has given you, that you are grieving and missing them, and finding it difficult to go on without them.

Pet Travel Tips...

If you are traveling with your pet, please make sure collar ID is on your pet.
Carry proof of vaccinations & a list of names & numbers for emergency personnel to notify should you be involved in an accident or killed.
Those items may be kept in a brightly colored envelope on your sun visor or on the dash.
We hope you never need them, yet better to have them & get your pet to safety with family members or friends than be put in a shelter with strangers.

Our Fur-Kids' Resumes...

Just as a professional looking for a job hands over a CV (cirriculum vitae) outlining a vast career, our fur-kids present a CD (chronological diary) all their own.
We document our progress with each pet & over time, it has turned into a diary of sorts.
While our fur-kids are not on a job interview, they are, in a way, on a forever home interview.
Prospective new owners read over descriptions of displaced pets.
We feel that the more you know, the better informed you are to make the right decision.

So please take the time to read the CDs. You may find that a certain furry friend pulls at your heartstrings enough to inquire.
We love inquiries, especially those that result in successful adoptions!

Rescue pets are safe, yet while they wait for fur-ever homes, pets are dying in shelters as no room in the inn.

We believe the majority of pets are "Adoptable" even those seniors with special health issues.
It just takes longer to find a special person to adopt them. Our Happy Tails prove that!

Rehoming your Pet...

Please try to find a home for your pet before taking him/her to a shelter or rescue.
You may list on petfinder.com under their free classified service.
You may post in a newspaper, feed store, veterinarian's office.

Should someone offer your pet a home, you should ask for a veterinarian reference.
Ask to deliver the pet so you may see where he/she will be living.
Your pet should be vaccinated & altered.

You should also be aware that when you take your pet to a shelter, a home may not be found & your pet may be killed.
Does your faithful friend really deserve to die in the arms of strangers?

Our Foster Home & Hospice Program...

Contact us if you want to foster a fur-kid. We urgently need foster homes, especially foster homes for the Hospice (dying with dignity) fur-kids.
We will train you, provide you with emotional support every step of the way. The fur-kids are needing TLC & Rxs to keep them comfortable as they prepare to cross to the Rainbow Bridge.

We are receiving more requests for help than we have foster homes available for.
Death is a part of life & we need YOU to help us help them in their final hours/days/weeks/months.

Please read some of our Adoptable profiles to see the great job our foster families do in providing updates on the fur-kids in their care.
Their attention to detail helps you (& us) know if this fur-kid is suited to your home & lifestyle.

Please read about Sir Alex.

He was our first ambassador on 18 wheels & 4 paws.
08-27-05 Sir Alex was placed in foster care with Buck & Mary.
06-18-06 Sir Alex was adopted by his trucking buddy.
08-31-06 Sir Alex passed away in Buck's arms, Mary in attendance.

Please read about Sir Gus.

He is our second ambassador on 18 wheels & 4 paws.
He is with Buck carrying on in Sir Alex's absence.

Please read about Frieda

She has joined Sir Gus & Buck.
She is the third trucking dog for Buck.

Project Cinderella to benefit Whiteman Air Force Base

Our fourth annual gathering of formal wear for our military's finest!
There are many functions to attend throughout the year that require formal attire.

Project Cinderella helps those who cannot afford a formal gown to obtain one for free!

You may contact Gerry, 660-668-2492, to arrange drop-off of your formal wear.
A Whiteman enlisted person will make the pick-up for the base.

It's a great time to clean out your closet, show a bit of appreciation for those that keep us safe
Land of the Free, because of the Brave.

Our rescue veterinarian is Dr. Kendal Johnson
Quad County Vet Clinic
Open Mon - Fri 8AM - 5PM
Quad County Vet Clinic is located in Windsor, Missouri

Vets near foster homes or shelters are used
Contact us for information

Training for your Best Friend

If you have adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue or if you are about to throw up your hands in frustration, want to give away your pet, please consider an obedience class. Dogs are like children, they need instruction.

Trina's Obedience Training & Behavior Modification Class will be meeting on an individual basis during the winter months.
Proof of vaccinations will be required to enroll in class.
Advanced Training & Agility classes are being planned.

Please check out Be A Good Dog University.

Adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment.
A pet is not a gift to be returned to the store.

Other Items of Special Interest:

Please check out Charlie Brown's Blog.

The first 7 Bells Sanctuary dog with his very own blog, thanks to Mindi.
Charlie Brown passed away 12-22-06 4:30PM.
Charlie is now a Rainbow Bridge Angel Dog.
Mindi has posted a tribute on his Blog.

Please check out Chappy's Place.
Thanks to Susan she will post about their fur-kids as well as the 7 Bells fur-kids they foster.
Click on the button that says FOSTER KIDS
There is a diary by some of the fostered fur-kids.
(You may also read about Karl, Susan & the Ft. Timmerman Gang.)

Please check out Tarot Yoda under our Happy Tails (Adopted) if you want to share in a special delivery.
There are letters from Tarot Yoda Jackson in her new home to update everyone. On The Road Again & many others made this possible. God bless you each & every one! Tarot Rocks! Tarot is in the rocking chair with Sue, the wonderful lady who gave this special needs senior her fur-ever home. God Bless Sue & others like her! (Of course, we thank Brent at Petfinder for helping us make this a condensation of 8 separate stories.)

Please check out Sir Scruffy McDuff, NKA PJ Wigglebee.
He rides the Wigglebus as a special needs Old English Sheepdog pup.

We operate solely on donations. We can always use towels, baby blankets, shampoo & grooming supplies. For those of you that love to garage sale & shop in thrift stores, we could use gently used collars, leashes, bowls, any pet supplies. You may mail them to Susan Timmerman, 7 Bells Sanctuary, Inc., 103 E. 2nd St., Holden, MO, 64040. Your donations will be used to save the lives of pets & provide veterinary care. We will be more than happy to send you a receipt for your donation. You may also make a donation via PayPal below.

Our monthly newsletters are on-line.

We also send a year end financial statement upon request. We do not pay for advertising or salaries. We have wonderful volunteers providing foster care, assisting with care center visits with the pets, computer work & fund raisers. The young children who volunteer today to help with the pets will grow up to be animal lovers & advocates. We have an obedience instructor willing to work with you so that you may keep your dog. Word of mouth in a small town spreads like wildfire. Folks love old dogs. We truly adore ALL the volunteers!

7 Bells Sanctuary, Inc.
We have foster homes in Carrollton, MO; Holden, MO and Montrose, MO

Phone: 660-693-4409 Judy Vaughn
816-309-9762 Susan Timmerman
660-542-3624 Andrea Richards
Email: stimmerman@embarqmail.com
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